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Posted by Marsha Leyva on March 21st, 2018

Have you ever consider that whenever you call in a call center or customer care who’s behind that voice?

And How they are available all the time whenever we call even at 2 at night?

Let me tell you the secret.

It’s not the human who's answering your phone calls, It’s virtual receptionist who's answering your phone calls and giving an answer to your concern.

Now, I know another question popping into your brain that Who's the virtual receptionist?

The virtual receptionist is a technology to connect with the clients or callers when you can’t. That is a pre-recorded message to welcome the clients and ask about their issues. This will help you to make the real and meaningful connections together with your customers.

This pre-recorded message may be the key feature of hosted IVR system. And if we discuss the key advantages of using this feature of IVR, so virtual receptionist can handle the high volume of calls, where only basic interaction with customers are required.

Permit’s discuss the virtual receptionist benefits -

1. Leave a memorable impression to win business- The receptionist will wow your visitors when you are friendly and professional.

And that interaction shall leave an impression which will be long-lasting. This feature of IVR will give you, your customer’s trust and show them your loyalty towards them.

2. Don’t need to sacrifice in service quality- IVR service is a cost-effective service, and that means you don’t need to sacrifice in your service quality because of your budget.

Within the limited budget, you may get a legendary package of an innovative service for your business with the best service quality which can make your business look alike on the heights of professionalism.

3. Your business will go with you almost everywhere- With the Automated IVR system, you don’t need to be concerned about your business when you are not at work. IVR gives the access to your mobile phone and you will make changes in your calling system from outside the office also.

You are not likely to miss an individual lead of your business in the kind of call is missed, IVR shall manage and answer every single call which is important to you.

4. Manage hassle-free of charge high call volumes- The capability of IVR of handling phone calls is very high, so if you are getting even hundreds of calls at the same time, your visitors never get the occupied tone.

With that much call handling capacity, you shall get the best business revenue and opportunities to grow faster in your industry because with the hassle-free interaction with customers you're getting the delight for your business with each attendant call.

This is all about the Automated IVR software application which will help you to take your business to heights of success. And the best part of the service is you don’t need any space to set-up the system you can make it together with your laptop, Personal computer or from your own phone screen also even.

Now, without any second thought in your mind just re-model your client communication system and get the delightful customers.

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