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At the very start of spreading this useful feature, there was a problem. Most of the cell phones are running on Android OS which did not work with Microsoft Live account. That is how AkrutoSync software has appeared - useful and optimized software to connect different platforms in one holistic system. AkrutoSync digital tool is the modern software with broad capabilities to share user's Outlook account info into Android devices. What is Android Outlook app looks like? Let's take a look closer.
Own Microsoft Outlook app for Android gives a handful functional opportunities to sync your email inbox and other features (contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes) into a single one program. It is usable for Android cell phones and iOs based devices as well. "It is even better than usual Mail or even Gmail service" - WIRED. Functional app Outlook Android helps millions of people to connect all of their private live account information between various devices. Redesigning of the app makes interface more comfortable and intuitive.

The leading AkrutoSync software for connecting different devices through Outlook makes usage even more optimized and convenient. The software tool also syncs all future and past appointments and supports the broad range of versions and upgrades. It works finely with Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, and Outlook 2013 versions. Most of the Android cell phones are support AkrutoSync digital tool including HTC One, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Nexus 7. There are one nuance - user could have to intercede if his Windows OS PC occurs a new IP address. This software tool will guide a customer through the whole process in such case. It does not take more than few additional clicks.

The step-by-step guide to set up AkrutoSync application Outlook Android.

Download software tool from the official site. It has a free 7-day trial version for new users. After installing make sure your Android cell phone and Windows PC using a same Wi-Fi network. At the starting screen press "Configure AkrutoSync" and choose the network on which you want to connect devices.
Start a web browser on your smartphone and follow the link provided by AkrutoSync digital tool. Simple software instructions give you a clarification of an each following step.
Import the SSL certificate to your phone using tips and instructions.
The user should create login and password for own AkrutoSync account.
On a cell phone choose "Settings" tab and find "Add account" feature. All needed instructions are available in AkrutoSync User Guide on the official web site.
After that enter the email address displayed on the software window and related password. If all of these steps were passed in the right way - a sync process will be shown with a progress percentage.
The AkrutoSync software is perfect for those users who to connect all active devices into a one holistic and synergized system. Use it with pleasure.

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