5 Advantages of Customer Portal You Didn't Know About!

Posted by Maulik Shah on March 22nd, 2018

Standing in long queues, haggling with customer executives on phones for hours together and waiting forever until you find someone to answer queries! When it comes to serving customers, we have bid goodbyes to such scenarios for long. Most of the businesses today understand the importance of self-service portals as they offer immediate access to information, save time, and provide a personalized experience.

Also, with the obsession of mobile phones growing over the years, customers like to keep connected to their favorite brands on the go. Now, let us say you already have a SuiteCRM portal. And it helps you to enhance your outreach and enables your customers to find answers to their issues. But what are the other ways in which it helps you and your customers? Through this article, our motive is to acquaint you with the underrated advantages of customer portal. Let us dive in:

1.Enhancing the Knowledge of Your Customers

No customer portal works magically. Customers cannot find answers to their questions as soon as they login to the customer portal. The best you can do is provide them with a user-friendly interface to solve their problems.

Instead of making them undergo a prolonged procedure of finding answer to their questions, you can provide them with a step-by-step guideline or a video that can help them get information quickly and easily. In case, there is a wrong input, you can also provide them with hints and tips to help. This not only helps them solve their issues but also enhances their skills and knowledge.
2.Social Media Engagement

Customer Portals and CRM tools are not the only ways to connect with your customers. These days, as most of the people keep connected to their social media accounts, you can also provide them with a dedicated social media page for answering their queries. Also, if your customer portal does not have a knowledge base, your social media page serves as the best resource to spread awareness about your brand and boost its visibility.

Yes, if you offer solutions to your customers promptly and through a core resource, you will be able to offer more knowledge. They would also know how to get direct information from the right resource quickly and easily. Not just that, you would also be able to keep a track on the kind of problems you need to address frequently and make the required changes in your SuiteCRM Joomla portal.

3.Create Communities

When you have certain number of followers on social media, you are sure to create communities through it. However, you can also have a form or a Q&A section on your customer portal so that your customers can voice their opinions about your products and services. It also helps you to connect your customers with each other and promote peer-to-peer support.

Peer-to-peer support, if offered moderately, can create a friendly environment on your portal and takes a lot of pressure off from the shoulders of your customers care executives. They also get to learn a lot about the benefits and drawbacks of your product and can learn how to offer assistance in a better way.
4.Boost Customer Recommendations

Recommendations do happen. Through word of mouth or in other ways. But, it takes a lot to achieve that level. Remember, you must leave no stone unturned in providing your customers with a user-friendly, simple, and consistent knowledge base. It should also be intuitive and look aesthetic. Having a live chat option can come of great help when customers are not able to find answers through the knowledge base.

If you have a successfully running self-service portal, it will strengthen your customers’ faith on your company. And, they will give better reviews and recommendations on social media, Google, and other forums.
5.Increase Web Traffic

When you have a successfully running customer portal that is search engine optimized, it is sure to attract more traffic on your company’s website. And, when the number of visitors on your website go up, it will enhance the visibility of your brand on the world wide web and boost your reach. However, there are chances that when your brand becomes popular, other writers and subject experts might create articles about your products.

If such things happen, it is likely to divert the traffic away from your website. In such cases, you need to be unique, exclusive, and discreet in answering the queries of your customers. Try to know about the ways in which other customer portals boost their website traffic.
We hope the above given benefits provide you with the needed incentive to invest into a SuiteCRM customer portal. You can visit the website of one of the developers of these portal sand know about their different use cases.

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