Crisp, Elegant and Comfortable Cotton Suits for all Seasons

Posted by sureshbhosle on March 22nd, 2018

The salwar kameez suit seems to be growing in popularity year after year, both, in India, and elsewhere in the world! Although designers go in for diverse types of fabrics to create traditional, contemporary and ultra-modern patterns, cotton remains the all-time favourite.

Why Cotton?

The summer months, specifically, are the best times to exhibit your colourful cotton suits. These suits owe their popularity to several factors. For one thing, they are wonderfully durable, lasting for a long time. In fact, you may desire to discard your sets, simply because you have become tired of wearing them so many times! Then again, they are splendidly sweat-absorbent, permitting your skin to remain dry and superbly c-o-o-l to the touch! Since they do not cling to your curves, the way materials like velvet, silk, satin, chiffon, etc, do, you remain comfortable all the while. There is sufficient space between your skin and your clothing, to permit healthy air circulation. Yet, the suits suffice to show off your figure beautifully, going so far as to make you look elegant, crisp and well groomed!

Pure Cotton Salwar Kameez

Admittedly, this is an integral part of any Indian woman’s wardrobe, since the heat of summer turns unbearable at times. Since cotton suits designed from pure cotton tend to be slightly expensive, you may shy away from purchasing them in bulk. However, they are well worth the money you spend on them. Furthermore, it will just be a one-time investment, especially if you go in for a variety of patterns and prints. While you may love plain sets displaying all manner of colourful shades, it would be good to opt for some diversity too. Go for patch border work, bold motifs, thread work, delicate embroidery, tie-and-dye prints, and so on. Oh, there are all kinds of mixes-and-matches of colours, designs and embellishments possible. Just take your pick!


This type of cotton is fine and viscose-blended in characteristic. Many would comment that this fabric is purely Indian, unlike other types of cotton. Would you like to purchase pure khadi material, which is free of the presence of any other type of fabric? If the answer is in the affirmative, you should be able to obtain Cotton Salwar kameez, which are plain and free of embellishments. Yet, the beautiful hues are bound to make you stand out in a crowd! You impress with your simplicity and refined grace!

Other Types

One of them is, mixed cotton. Obviously, this is blended cotton, wherein only 50% is pure and the rest impure. Here, impure refers to ‘synthetic’ material, and not to something of a cheap quality. For instance, there is cotton silk, which is a fabric perfectly suitable for all seasons, including the Monsoon. Then again, mixed cotton suits are suitable for wearing at casual, semi-formal, formal and grand affairs.

Generally, pure cotton tends to show some amount of shrinkage during the first wash. This quality is absent in mixed materials. Furthermore, blending imparts a certain kind of stiffness to the salwar suit.

Some places in India pride themselves in the kind of cotton they produce, for making clothes. Therefore, you may also witness salwar kameez suits designed from crush cotton, south cotton, Rajasthani cotton, Ahmedabad cotton, and so on.

It helps that the cotton salwar suits are suited to all body frames. You need not worry about being tall or petite, slim or plump. You need not worry about your age.


Cotton suits are ideal for all the 12 months in India and elsewhere too. This is because these colourful fabrics with their innovative designs are durable, airy, versatile and comfortable.

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