How to Minimize Your Stuff Ahead of a Move

Posted by cynthiyawells on March 23rd, 2018

Moving is usually the process when you learn how much stuff you truly own. When packing everything into cartons, you will find various items which you didn’t think you even have in your possession. Safe to say most of these items aren’t regularly used. Taking them with you to the new home wouldn’t be a wise choice as they would only add to the clutter there too. So, what should you do with them? The following are some strategies that can help you deal with the excess stuff.

Donate Items with Sentimental Value

You are sure to find many items in your belongings which are of no use to you anymore but hold some kind of sentimental value. For instance, toys of your child or old clothes which don’t fit you anymore are prime examples of this. You might not use them but want to keep them just because of the memories attached to them. However, while these items might not be useful to you, they can certainly be of great help to others. Thus, donating them to a children’s home or welfare organization makes sense. This would help in preserving their memory and also lighten your moving load.

Sell or Exchange Valuable Items Which You No Longer Need

If you have furniture that is valuable but wouldn’t fit in your new home then you should look to sell it off. It is the best means of ridding yourself of this excess stuff as it can help you recoup some money too. Holding a garden sale is a good way of getting the valuable items sold off. There are some stores which allow you to exchange old furniture items for new ones too. You can hit them up and exchange your bulkier sofas for sleek and modern couches and have them shipped directly to your new address.  

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