Some Easy DIY Measures to Enhance the AC Performance

Posted by Suarez on March 23rd, 2018


When the summer has arrived and you uncover or unwrap your covered unit to switch it on, you can go for a number of DIY measures that would ensure to remove the minor non-technical glitches and would ensure that your AC unit works most efficiently. These minor measures could be taken by all without any prior information or knowledge. These are some easy get to go kind of things that would immediately bring about a noticeable change in the AC performance without

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  1. Cleaning the Dirty Filters

    The dirty or blocked filters directly affect the performance of your air conditioner. These blocked filters stop and limit the air throw of the unit that abstains it from circulating the cool air all across the room. At the same time, this blockage causes more electricity bills as the motor has to work in excess to carry the additional load caused due to the blockage. Meanwhile, these dirty filters also impact your health negatively as the air that we breathe incoming from the dirty filters harms our lungs. To avoid all of these hassles this is important to wash the AC filters twice or at least once in a month time. This would enhance the AC performance.

  2. Cleaning Dirty Coil

    The black inner rotator or coil is the part that air passes through. When its holes are covered and choked with residue and dirt, this needs almost additional 30% electricity consumption which is again not a good or positive sign. This also causes overheating in the unit that puts additional pressure on the compressor as well. So never ignore to wash the coil as frequently as possible.

  3. Outdoor Fan Working.

    Also, keep a check on the working of the outdoor fan. Its working is also as important as the compressor because this mechanism ensures to remove the heat from the room to lower the temperature to the desired level. If the fan doesn’t work properly this would again put severe pressure on the compressor. This additional pressure could cause an internal damage to the compressor which is the most significant part of an air conditioning unit.

  4. Also, Keep a Check on Faulty Wiring

    This doesn’t take to be a proper electrician to keep a generic check on the faulty wiring. Short, haphazard or uncertified A/C wiring could pose a serious threat to not only the overall working of the unit but could also cause a fire.


  5. Expert Opinion

    Above all other measures, the best thing that could be done for the AC unit is to conduct the routine checkups by some professional. They would allow you an in-depth glance at the condition of your unit. Would let you know if any repairs are needed or any part needs to be replaced.

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