Important Steps to Build A Web Hosting Server on Windows OS

Posted by on March 24th, 2018

Setting up a web hosting server is not an easy task for you, so you should be more tech savvy when you are trying to do the same.  You must have technical knowledge on the system networks and technological know-how to hunt the web hosting task. So, if you are not self-assured, you should take computer help from certified technical support professionals.
There are several types of software that will assist you to maintain the web hosting server but before that, you should make sure that you know the details of the network configuration settings and can manage the server administration.  Two recommended and used programs for web hosting are Apache and Internet information server. Some of other programs are like Google Web Server, TUX and websphere which can be used depending on your needs.

However, before hosting the web, you must learn about the some of the features which will help in the procedure. Confirm that you have more than one IP address with you, a PC, latest Windows OS, web server software either Apache or IIS and network address. If you face any issue regarding this issue, you must call online Windows Operating Technical Support team to get instant responses.

Step1:- Confirm that you have installed Microsoft Windows server that is the base of operating system on your computer system as this will respond as the web hosting server.

Step2:- You should configure the server networking settings from the control panel and click on the button that reads, “Network settings”.  Now you have to select IP address that you want to choose under the normal tab reading, “Use following IP address”.  You need to enter IP address that you are going to use permanently.

Step3:- Determine to install Internet information server web hosting files on your computer system.  To do this, you should click on “start” menu and click on “Server Manager”. You will come across “Add roles” button, click on it and have to select “web server”.  Make it sure that you have the Windows 2008 installation files. If you are facing any trouble regarding this step, you must call at toll free Windows Operating Systems Tech Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 for instant advice.

Step4:- You have to start the setup of the software that you are using either IIS or Apache. The web server must have the right IP address and ensure that this is configured rightly.

Step5:- You make sure that the permission granted by IIS or Apache are set up and configured rightly and verified users have the right level of access. If you are using IIS, you must open IIS manager and click on the button that reads “Edit permissions”. If you get any technical trouble regarding this step, you must call at toll free Windows Operating System Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 for immediate help.

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