Choosing a Door Access Program for Your Office?

Posted by brunson stafford on March 24th, 2018

That they can vary from simple digital keypads that secure a single door to large networked systems for multiple buildings that consist of auto parking barriers, integration eventually and attendance systems, and multiple levels of security.

For anyone who is just looking for delicate measures (i. e. cheaper) to secure a room, you can go for the numeric keypad system. Pin code typically can be from 4 to 8 digits long. The users just need to remember the pin code to access the bedroom, and there is nothing to carry with him/her in order to open the doorway. Disadvantage include low security as pin code can be easily distributed, and the pin code can be guessed by the would-be intruders by looking at which numbers of the keypad will be more worn out. Hence green code reader is never recommended for mid or high-security premises.

The next type of door access reader will be the card and/or pin number door access system. Every user is issued a token (e. g. door access card, key fob) and the user will tap the token on the reader to release the door lock. In addition to token, some systems allow you to configure it such that the user is needed to key in a pin code in addition to tapping the token on the reader. Hence the good thing about the token-based door gain access to system is that it must be more secure than the number pad system since each token is accounted for. Furthermore, if the card is lost, the program administrator can delete that card from the system easily. Many of these token based door gain access to system can typically also cater to large amount of users (in the thousands).

For the more advanced card reader system, all your readers are networked to your computer running the door access control software. The computer does not need to land on for the card readers to work. However, whenever the HR or admin office wants to download the doorway access logs from readers for attendance abfertigung check-out timings, they will run the program to move down the logs from all the readers through the network to the computer.

The drawback of the card reader product is that if the card is lost, any one with the lost card can access the room before the card has been reported as lost and wiped from the reader. Therefore such token based distance card access system will not be recommended for very high-security areas. Regardless if it is employed in high-security areas, it should be complemented by additional security systems such as CCTV cameras security system.
For offices with the high-security requirement, you'll likely want to consider the fingerprint biometric-based gain access to control system. As fingerprints are unique to each individual, such biometric gain access to control systems solve all the safety problems of proximity card or electric keypad based systems.

The fingerprint biometric technology has matured significantly as in comparison to the early 2000s. Recognition response time and accuracy of fingerprint biometric system is now extensively acceptable to be taken for access control and time attendance purpose.

The singular disadvantage of fingerprint biometric is the fact there is still a tiny ratio of men and women (typically 2 to 3%) whose fingers are either too dry, too wet, groves on ring finger too shallow or fine, etc, whose fingerprints will have problem being enrollment into the system. Intended for office where employees' fingertips may be oily or get dirtied easily, finger-print biometric system might not exactly be suitable too.

If all fingerprints on both hands failed to be enrollment, these small group of men and women can be given either proximity card or pin number code for accessing the door.

Finally, to experience a peacefulness of mind, be sure to get reliable commercial-grade access control system with user friendly software.
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