Kasam Full Episode Cast and Main Characters:

Posted by Adnan Hassan on March 25th, 2018

Colors Tv serial Kasam is that the new giving premiered on 7th March 2016. it's a tale of reincarnation and shows love in purest forms. Is is that the story of 2 altruistic lovers Rishi and Tanushree. Rishi and Tanu deeply love one another when meeting by twist of fate. Their destiny brought them along. Rishi and Tanu created guarantees of affection and intimacy. They didn't imagine their future and also the flip of events.

Kasam Main Characters:
Tanu saves Rishi from associate degree accident and that they each fall gaga. Rishi contains a dosh in his kundli that Tanu gets to grasp. She realizes that whoever marries Rishi can risk her life. She sacrifices her life by taking his kundli dosh on her so as to secure his life. Tanu lands up dying within the automobile accident. Rishi starts living a burdened life, when knowing Tanu on purpose safeguarded his life by let alone her life. Rishi then gets to grasp from a Buddhism that Tanu can return for his or her love and their eternal guarantees. Tanu gets back by rebirth and meets Rishi when twenty years.
Tanu may be a spirited lady and extremely sensible deep down. She is daring, honest and a altruistic person. Tanu loves Rishi since childhood and has continually been his savior. Whenever Rishi fell in any danger, Tanu brought him safe from death. Tanu values her family lots. she will risk herself for Rishi, however stands for her family’s self worth continually. Tanu gets to grasp of Rishi’s kundli dosh and mirthfully sacrifices her life. Tanu then gets regenerate to fulfill her love. Tanu’s altruistic love gets her a boon to stay the promise she created to Rishi.
Rishi Singh:
Rishi Singh is Tanu’s true friend and overzealous lover. Rishi is fun i, energetic and a wise guy. very little Rishi accustomed get confused by Tanu and his mother’s totally different mindsets, however when growing up, Rishi turns the means his mother wished. He loves cash and every one the comforts, in contrast to Tanu. He gets a casanova tag living abroad, however once back to his roots, Tanu changes him. he's Tanu’s childhood friend and didn't understand once Tanu entered his heart. Rishi believes love will overcome any problem in life. Rishi’s kundli contains a dosh whereby if his wedding doesn't happen before he turns twenty three, then his life would finish. Rishi turns into a rueful person when he loses Tanu.
Kasam Colors TV serial Cast:
sharad Malhotra playing the role as Rishi Raj Singh Bedi
Kratika Sengar playing the role as Tanu
Vijay Kashyap playing the role as Raj Singh Bedi
Vibha Chibber playing the role as Rano Raj Singh Bedi (Rishi’s Brother)

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