The importance of a quality legal translation

Posted by Aziz Omar on March 26th, 2018

It is very important that these texts and documents are well translated since the erroneous translation of a part of a contract can give rise to lawsuits, in addition to economic losses. These documents have been written by professionals and workers in the field of law, so it is easy to find in them a large number of terms and legal concepts that are usually not used on a regular basis.

Also, not everyone is familiar with them or knows their meaning. In the same way, not all professional translators can devote themselves to translating texts of this nature. But can!

It is really important to translate these legal concepts in a proper way to another language and not just make a literal translation, word by word, as it can happen when using online translators. This is fundamental because of the content of our translation legal effects are derived for both the issuer and the recipient of the document.

It is not uncommon for the legal translator to face terminological gaps, that is, in one of the two languages, there is not a completely accurate and literal translation of a specific term. Thus, translators will have to try to explain in the target language what exactly that term refers to in the original language. In this way, the linguistic structures do not have to be the same in both languages.

In addition to the usual problem posed by differences in language, a legal translation services in Dubai also has to take into account social and cultural equivalence, in addition to linguistics. In this sense, in we work with translators who are specialists in law and know the laws of our country as well as those of the countries of the target language of our translations.

Characteristics of a quality legal translation at

The fact is that making a legal translation has its complications and that is mainly due to the characteristics that these documents present. In fact, it can be said that the law is a field in which texts should not be translated into other languages since each legal system is closed and specific to each country.

But you do not need to worry as are the best translators. The definition given to events and events that occurred, for example, in criminal acts, depends on the applicable legal system.

Thus, the seriousness and the consideration of these facts vary according to the country to which we refer. A small difference between the translated and the original version in a contract may result in interpretations incompatible with the rights and obligations of both parties.

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