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Posted by Lisa Haydon on March 26th, 2018

By the design, blockchain is a decentralized technology being used heavily these days. With the acceptance of this technology in the different field nowadays, the dependence of the people on this technology has increased significantly. The experts of the field have urged its application in almost every field. “Benjamin Trevor Grenier” is a well-known Blockchain developer who has ensured the use of this technology in different fields in order to reduce the cost and enhance efficiency in transactions related to digital or cryptocurrencies. He regards the idea of decentralization in blockchain technology as pretty crucial. Anything that takes place on it is a function of the entire network.

There are some important implications that stem from this framework. Benjamin Grenierrevealed after his development efforts in blockchain that through the creation of a new way of verifying transactions, the aspects of traditional commerce would certainly become useless. The trades over the stock market become absolutely simultaneous on the blockchain. For example, it could generate types of recordkeeping, completely public like the land registry. The decentralization has already been a reality in the modern world. A worldwide network of the computers uses the blockchain technology for collectively managing the database that records the transactions related to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is normally managed by its network instead of a central authority. This is the idea behind Blockchain that has encouraged the developer of the blockchain, Benjamin Trevor Grenier,to continue his struggle of applying Blockchainin all fields and departments. The major feature is the decentralization that means the network would operate on the user-to-user basis. According to Benjamin Grenier, the decentralized networks would be the next largest wave in the technology. As the web infrastructure, you have no need to acknowledge the Blockchain for its usefulness in your life. The blockchain tends to cut the middleman for the transactions.

Considering the usefulness of the blockchain technology, the finance sector has the strongest presence in the cases of using blockchain. The World Bank has estimated that more than 0 billion US were sent in money transfers during 2015. This has raised the demand of the blockchain developers. Benjamin Trevor Grenierhad already predicted the enhancing demand for the blockchain developers. This is because the development of blockchain would become a basic requirement of the consumers in upcoming future. The online transactionsare connected quite closely to the procedure of verifying identity. It has become easier to imagine that the wallet apps would transform in future to incorporate other sorts of identity management.

Benjamin Grenieralso shares his experience of development of blockchain. He regarded enhanced security as a positive move for the development of blockchain in future. By storing the data across the network of the blockchain, the blockchain terminates the risks associated with the data centrally held. However, its network lacks the centralized vulnerability points that can be exploited by the hacker. The internet today has the security issues that are known to almost everyone. We are relied on the system of “username and password” for the protection of our assets and identity online. The blockchain, on the other hand, is secure as it utilizes the encryption technology.

With the blockchain, the web has gained a new layer of functionality. The users these days can interact and transact directly with each other. The Bitcoin transactions during 2016 averaged more than 0,000 US a day. With the enhanced security brought by blockchain technology, new internet businesses are likely to unbundle the traditional financial institutions. This also enhances the significance of blockchain development. One can realize why the demand of the blockchaindevelopers like Benjamin Grenierhas increased and would continue to rise in the coming days.

Benjamin Trevor Grenierbelieves that the blockchain holds huge potential specifically for optimizing and clearing settlements. It may represent the global saving of around bn every year. The blockchain technology has provided the internet users the capability of developing values and authenticating the digital information. As a distributed ledger, it has enabled the coding of the simple contracts that would be executed at the fulfillment of specific conditions. A blockchain project called Ethereum was initiated specifically for realizing this possibility. This project has the potential of leveraging the benefits of blockchain on the world-changing scale.

According to Benjamin Grenier, at the current level of blockchain development, the smart contracts can be programmed for doing simple functions. For example, a derivative can be paid out at the time a financial instrument meets the specified benchmark. The use of blockchain technology can make this possible with Bitcoin enabling the automation of payout. Bitcoin has been regarded as a digital gold because of the constantly enhancing value of this currency. Blockchaincan also make other sorts of value. This is an easy to use technology as a person with basic knowledge can make use of this advantageous technology.

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