An easy guide for the first time woman insurance plans buyer

Posted by Jessy Jose on March 26th, 2018

When it comes to buying insurance, very few women think about investing in a heart or cancer plan. It is considered that heart diseases most affect men and women usually don’t consider it necessary to invest health insurance specific to heart disease.

As the awareness about cancer is slowly but surely increasing, women are now investing in cancer care insurance. But there needs to be more education about the benefits of getting cancer insurance for women. Women have a tendency to overlook or neglect their health issues and as a result do not invest in woman insurance plans.

Medical expenses for any kind of illness are rising every day. You cannot rely on your family insurance plans or any normal woman insurance plans to treat major illnesses like heart disease or cancer. Every woman must have a heart and cancer plan to safeguard her finances as well as the finances of her family. If you are new to the world of insurance, then here are some things you must consider when you purchase health insurance for women.

  1. Decide the amount carefully: Give it a lot of thought before putting your money in it. It’s easy to get carried away with low premiums and attractive packages, but inadequate insurance amounts can really screw you over in the time of need especially when it’s a disease like cancer. So make an informed decision by evaluating the proper costs of health care in and around your city before buying your health insurance.
  2. An age criterion is crucial: Health insurance for women often has clauses that allow easy renewal for the insurer when they are young, but the same renewals aren’t extended to them in their old age. Read carefully through the clauses of your insurance to make sure that it allows you renewal even in your old age.
  3. Look into sub-limits: Sub-limits are the amounts that your insurance will pay for during hospitalization or for any other medical cost incurred by you. Most of the time it’s only a percentage of the expenses incurred by the insurer. You need to pay special attention while deciding these sub-limits in your woman insurance plans.
  4. Maximise the benefit of your plan: Your health insurance provider will list down all the pre-existing disease and critical illnesses that will be covered in your health insurance. Ensure that your buy insurance covers heart diseases and cancer or purchase heart and cancer plans separately.
  5. Get an early start: There is no right age to buy health insurance for yourself and your family. So start as early as you can and secure your future.

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