12 things women hate about men, not using deodorant sprays is No.1

Posted by mukesh on March 27th, 2018

Men and women have a love-hate relationship, but let’s face it, there are always some things about the opposite sex that we can’t live without. When men consider themselves to be very basic, women, on the other hand, are covered in layers. From not using the deodorant spray to narcissism, a woman’s list of things that she dislikes is pretty exhausting. Honestly, it’s never-ending. We’ve listed some deal breakers, that women find unacceptable about men.So if you’re a ‘Woman Repeller’, you might definitely be doing something that women dislike.Learn more about it.

Hygiene:1. Not spraying deodorant or a nice perfume: Science says that women have a unique sense of smell than men, which also helps her choose her life partners. So if you have any intentions of having a better half, stop driving women away with your stench. If you want a shot at smelling good, check out some men’s deodorant combo offers here. (www.lylablanc.com)Lyla Blanc has deodorant combo offers for boys on a budget as well as some very lavish perfumes for the big spender. 

2. Bad Hair: You can’t blame your genes for not having good hair, at the end maintenance is your duty. Women can’t understand why men can’t shampoo their hair and take a minute out to comb! Men with greasy, uncombed messy hair scream “unorganized” to women. Also, those men who try covering a receding hairline seem unlikable. You don’t need to have hair like a 15-year-old Justin Beiber, even a clean sexy Vin Diesel look will do. Just keep it neat. 

3. Grooming: The cave man look might’ve worked well in the stone age, but never will in this century. Please take some tips from your Metrosexual fellows!

4. Long dirty nails: Imagine you met an attractive woman in your office IT park and got talking, then out of manners you extend a handshake. The woman instantly notices your dirty, filthy,germ-infested, long nails! So it’s a “goodbye” even before you get a handshake. Remember, hand hygiene is key to your social life & health.

5. Smelly feet: You know you can’t keep your shoes on all the time for a date night. If you have smelly feet, a woman will never call you home! Let aside, making a home with you. So invest in good shoe & maintain foot-hygiene.

6. Dirty clothes: Clothes that have sweat stains, perfume patches, oil stains or just smell terribly damp are torture for women. If a woman is staring at you, it’s possibly because she’s thinking of throwing your shirt into a washing machine. So don’t misinterpret.

7. Rough skin: Women are soft creatures with supple skin that feels like silk. So when her arm accidentally rubs against yours on the metro, your sandpaper skin will irritate her. Sometimes, even extra greasy skin is a problem. It’s wise to use easily absorbable moisturizers that keep the skin soft enough & dry.

8. Excessive body hair: We know mankind actually descended from apes, you don’t need to prove it time & again. Excessive hair on the arms, legs, back & other areas is indeed pretty disgusting in general. Even the hair that can be seen on your ears & nose is pretty gross to women.

You don’t necessarily need to look like a baby, just use a trimmer and some hair removal treatment.

9. Yellow / dirty teeth: Smile, please! Ok, don’t if you have yellow or dirty teeth, especially in front of women. Don’t flash that not at all charming smile or some woman will tell you to go floss or brush!

10. Dirty ears: Dirty ears are another level of unhygienic. Seriously. Women, in fact, anyone will cringe at the sight of dirty wax-filled ears. But on the plus side, dirty ears explain why men don their half the stuff women speak. Short attention span is an old excuse.

11. Cigarette smell or bad breath: When a woman is looking at you with disgust, and you've done nothing to deserve that. Think again, you’re breathing, breathing & speaking havoc into everyone's faces. And if you’ve just smoked or eaten some food high on garlic, having a breathing won’t harm you.

12. Too much perfume: Don’t be so heavy duty on smelling good. That too can repel women.

Heard of a ‘Metrosexual men’? They’re pros in self-care who spend money on their hair & shoes. But it’s not just the hygiene aspect that’s off-putting to women, certain traits mentioned below do too!- Dominance- Blurting cuss words- Argumentativeness- Being inconsiderate- Eyes wandering in the wrong places- Laziness- Lateness- Narcissism- Fidgeting

We hope these tips make you likeable for women. Try now. (www.lylablanc.com)

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