A guide to AADHAR and insurance policy linkup

Posted by Jessy Jose on March 28th, 2018

The time has come to link your AADHAR with all your finances, even your investments and insurance policies. Life insurance and AADHAR need to be linked by order of the government by in the end of March’18. This move by the government will help all the citizens have all their finances, personal information and details all in one place and accessible under a single serial number.

The deadline for AADHAR and insurance linkup is the 31st of March 2018. It will be very difficult to claim insurance benefit if someone fails to link their AADHAR with their policy. So if you haven’t linked your AADHAR with your policy, here’s a step by step guide to doing it yourself.

1. Linking for the registered user: If you are already registered online with your life insurance policy provider, you simply need to go their website, login with the id and password given to your by your provider. You can easily link your AADHAR to your policy on your provider’s portal.

2. Linking for a non-registered user: If you’re not registered online with your insurance provider you can still link your AADHAR online. The policyholder will have to furnish details such as policy number, date of birth, PAN, email id, mobile number and AADHAR number.

3. Linking your AADHAR offline: A policyholder can approach their respective insurance agents or visit the nearest branch office of the insurance company with their AADHAR card to carry out the linking. A self-attested copy of AADHAR needs to be furnished to complete the process.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about the correct way of linking life insurance policy and AADHAR. Here is a list of the correct documents and procedures that you should follow-

• There are no specific documents required to link your AADHAR but the policyholder must have their policy number, AADHAR number and PAN readily available while linking. You do not need any other documents to link your policy. You also don’t need to pay any agents or banks to complete this linking.

• If the policyholder does not have an AADHAR number, the first thing they need to do is enrol for AADHAR. It is extremely important to have an AADHAR card because it will be linked to all your finances from now on.

• For the KYC requirement, the policyholder is also required to provide their AADHAR and PAN details as these are the two most important document you will own.

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