Some Impressive Benefits of Henna for Hair and Skin

Posted by Vishal Parihar on March 28th, 2018

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Through a series of article we shall introduce you to each and every product of ours, their specialty and what makes it a must buy. Today's article focuses on henna and its benefits. 
Henna is a popular organic powder made out of Lawsone leaves and is found in almost all Indian homes. Did you ever spare a moment and think about how beneficial henna is? It is not just a powder dye that gives black, brown or reddish hue to hair and body. Henna is an age old ingredient in ayurvedic remedies used to treat a number of problems like dandruff, hair fall, headaches, dryness etc. 
Below is a list of benefits henna has in hold for you:

1. Hair tonic
Apart from safely dying your hair with henna there are some major benefits that henna provides for your tresses. 
When applied to hair henna coats the cuticle and acts like keratin which further strengthens your hair naturally preventing hair fall. It prevents both hair fall and hair breakage due to dryness. It soothes your scalp and provides relief from dandruff.

By improving shine, bounce and softness of your hair henna makes them appear healthier than ever. For severe hair fall applying henna powder mixed with curd, henna oil and vitamin e does wonders. 

2. Health benefits
Henna powder, bark, oil and seeds offer major health benefits like anti inflammatory effects, antibacterial, antiviral, astringent and hypotensive effects. 
3. Beneficial for nails
People suffering from infection of cuticles, easily breakable nails and unsightly dry nails can derive benefit from henna. Applying henna powder to nails and drinking water in which henna leaves have been steeped in provides relief to nail maladies. 

4. Antioxidant storehouse
Henna is a store house of antioxidants and therefore has anti ageing effects. Henna juice and oil help in reducing wrinkles, slow the effects of ageing and improve elasticity of skin by providing collagen. 
5. Healing properties
Henna has a calming effect on mind, body and soul. This is why henna has been traditionally applied since ages on hands and feet during all major festivals. Henna heals wound, prevents infection of skin, treats sunburn, calms burns and forms a protective layer fighting against pollution.

But all henna is not equal. To derive maximum benefits out of henna you need to be sure that the henna is pure, organic, adulterant free and has higher level of pure fresh Lawsone leaves. NMP Udhyog takes pride in being the Best Organic Henna Powder Suppliers in India. We are the Best Organic Henna Powder Manufactures in India and supply black henna too. All our products are pure and of supreme quality. NMP is also Henna Powder Exporters in India or Black Henna for Hair Suppliers in India. Purchase a trial pack from NMP and you'll surely return back for shopping some more!

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