Prime Perks of Using Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Wall Panels

Posted by DuramaxPVCPanels on March 28th, 2018

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Panels or FRP panels are made of a strong blend of fiberglass with durable polyester resin. These panels are installed on ceilings and walls for offering a shield, durable surface which is moisture resistant and scratch-proof. Unlike traditional wooden panels, the FRP wall panels don’t suffer much nature’s attack like termites or other types of bugs which damage and infest the goodness of the wooden structures. Because of these panels’ nature, they are the ideal options for restaurants, classrooms and other areas where the materials’ durability is a must and where there is lots of foot traffic as well. The fiberglass layer provides the panels a non-porous and seamless surface which is resistant to corrosion, odors, stains, and molds, making the FRP panels exceptional and ideal for every type of function and purpose.

Prime Benefits of FRP Wall Panels

1. Pocket-friendly and economical

Although FRP panels cost slightly more than other components like titanium or rubber lining, it provides a more budget-friendly and practical option while considering price and anti-corrosion properties. It provides the most cost-effective substitute in the long run, based on the availability, raw material prices, the application, and design considerations. Its low maintenance and durability features help you save in the long run. Their capacity of insulating against instant transformation in temperature is also able to save in cooling and heating prices. Additionally, the surfaces don’t get very much hot or cold to the touch, making them utilizable in several climatic conditions.

2. Scratch resistant and strong surfaces

These waterproof wall panels are reinforced utilizing different fibers variable degrees of flexibility and strength. Panels with Kevlar and carbon fiber are not just lightweight but also are hard like a rock. Maximum plastic panels have strengths which exceed those showcased by steel or aluminum, for a portion of the weight.

3. Utmost sanitation with non-absorbent surfaces

Because of its non-absorbent surface, FRP wall panels aren’t suitable breeding grounds for bacteria as they don’t even hold moisture. This feature makes your daily sanitation and cleaning simpler as well. Hence, it’s simpler to keep walls’ surfaces clean in comparison with absorbent surfaces like concrete or wood. Its fiberglass reinforced surfaces are chemically resistant also which makes them ideal coverings for probable conditions like chemical spillages.

4. Easy to install and lightweight

These plastic wall panels are lighter in volume and weight than aluminum or steel which implies that they can be installed and transported easily. Effective installation could imply quicker building times and more cost-effectiveness for the client. Its lightweight feature makes it usable for more specialized functionalities. These plastic panels can be installed with fasteners or glue. Installation becomes easier with a current wall surface without any high tech tool or stripping. In maximum cases, the single device needed to install FRP wall panels are a laminate roller, trowel, drill bit, and a fine tooth saw blade to make sure the maximum grip.

5. Flexibility

The FRP wall panels are really flexible that makes them suitable for an extensive array of applications which couldn’t be done in a budget-friendly way with other components. These panels’ plastic can be molded into different form or shape, making them overly helpful in building modern infrastructures.

6. Safety

FRP panels are basically bad conductors of electricity and they are really safer to deal with amid construction in comparison with metal panels. Nevertheless, they can also be formulated for conducting electricity properly when this characteristic is required.

7. Resistance to mold, mildew, corrosion, and rust

These plastic panels are usually used in building because of its built-in corrosion resistance feature. This feature is because of its resin content and may be impacted by a specific kind of resin laminate in these panels. They are sometimes less likely to corrode and rust with a high resin content, which makes the structure building durable, long-lasting, and simpler.

Wrapping Up

Flexible, dependable, and durable FRP wall panels provide appealing and new solutions for wall and ceilings, for virtually any kind of space, from bathrooms to kitchens. With various patterns, colors, and textures for panels which are simple for installation, clients have an extensive array of options when it comes to designing or functioning in construction.

Author Bio

The author is a content writer working for a leading manufacturing company that supplies high-end FRP wall panels at never seen prices. These panels are perfect for any type of home improvement project. In order to know more about these waterproof plastic wall panels, stay tuned to her articles.

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