Is It Important to Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

Posted by garry123s on March 29th, 2018

Are you juggling around the decision to get your wisdom teeth removed? This article attempts to simplify wisdom teeth removal for you and assesses the conditions in which it is wise to get the wisdom teeth removed.

It is advisable to get your wisdom tooth removed when:

1) They create gum problems

Wisdom teeth removal is an option if it causes gum problems. An infected wisdom teeth stimulates other teeth to get infected and causes swelling and pain in gums especially when they initially project. A partially erupted wisdom tooth can sometimes develop cysts and infections in gum tissue. These dental problems can adversely affect an individual’s health. If a tooth fails to erupt completely it can lead to the development of deep pockets around them which can become home to many bacteria.

2) They damage adjoining teeth

Development of wisdom tooth is a complex and painful process. It can become far more severe if the eruption interferes with already existing adjoining teeth, it can cause misalignment and pain. In such cases, it is advisable to go for  wisdom tooth extraction. If the wisdom tooth is not removed in time it may badly affect its neighboring teeth and they may also need to be removed.

3) If the new tooth is an obstacle in jaw movement or chewing

There may arise a condition when the neophyte wisdom tooth may create obstacles in jaw movement and chewing flexibility. It may scrape the soft tissues of the mouth, make you bite your cheek,  bind to gum tissue and cause swelling and pain in surrounding oral region. This issue needs to be addressed with utmost priority to facilitate chewing and assist digestion.

It is not wise to get your wisdom teeth removed when they are:

1) Healthy and uninfected
2) In perfect shape and place
3) Completely erupted
4) Functioning adequately
5) Not obstructing jaw movement
6) Not painful

An upcoming wisdom tooth may sometimes meddle with your mental and physical well-being. In such situations, you need to wisely analyze the need for wisdom teeth removal. If you are looking for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary kindly contact Expressions Dental™ Clinic, our efficient doctors offer enduring solution to dental problems.

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