Things to look for in Canada patent agents

Posted by John Zeller on March 29th, 2018

If you have an intangible asset which is to be registered or worked upon choosing a lawyer who can help will be a wise idea. You should know a good attorney or Canadian patent agency you want to choose should be able to understand all your complex inventions, and also provide you with suitable strategies. This will help you protect the inventions in the best way possible. When you look around you will come across those who know it all and are well versed in the registration process and the practitioners who will be first-timers.

Try looking out for some who has proper awareness so that things fall into place and you have someone who can help you achieve your registrations. With their help, you will be able to get good knowledge about the technical and analytical aspects of the same.  Before opting for someone who can help take a look at all of their qualities is essential. This will simplify a lot of things for you.

Mentioned here are some such qualities which you should look at before hiring services of any Canadian patent agents.


How much experience the Canadian patent agents have and what so their success rate will be one important point for you to note. This s one basic thing and hence looking into it well in advance should be your priority. Check how many clients have they helped and for how many have they actually issued. When you know this you will know their success rate because it will be easy to gauge their experience on a whole. This is one thing which is of prime importance and hence looking at it from every aspect should be your priority. Just when they know how to navigate through things they will be able to provide you with just the best.

Litigation experience:

There will be circumstances when you will have to defend your patents in federal court. When you choose some good Canada patent agent they will know it all and help you in the same. Try looking out for ones that have handled such things before and also have an experience of the same. This will make things simple for you because you can build trust in them. You just have to see that the patent attorney you hire to write down all your claims should have the relevant experience with litigation procedures. This will make things simple for you and you will also be sure of defending your intellectual property at its best.

Common sense:

The Canadian patent agents you pick on for your needs should always be capable of looking at a bigger picture and also understanding it at the best possible level. It is only then you will have a trademark or patent registered which will be a benefit for your company. Some attorneys may just fake things and create fraud after receiving the money. You have to be careful about the same before getting along with someone.

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