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A facelift Thailand is a surgery that corrects the effects of the passage of time on the face and neck. Over the years, the tissues lose elasticity and descend by the effect of gravity, deep furrows are created between the nose and the mouth, the cheeks fall and the facial contour loses definition.  The goal of this surgery is to improve the face, but not change it. Patients as a result gain confidence and confidence in them. The ideal patient, either male or female, is one who begins to show signs of ageing but whose skin still retains some elasticity. These patients are around 40 and 60 years old, although depending on each particular case it can be performed in patients between 70 and 80 years old.

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How is Nose job Thailand done?

To lift the tip of the nose the surgeon works on the cartilages of the nasal tip modifying the shape of the nose, and other times to lift the tip it is necessary to reinforce or highlight the nasal tip through cartilage grafts superimposed on the cartilage of the nose. These grafts are obtained from different places that can be from the nose itself (alar cartilages or septum), cartilage of the ear or even ribs. They are very well accepted by the nasal tissues.

Rhinoplasty, what changes?

You can also use bench cartilage when you need a lot of material. The use of grafts of artificial materials for nasal repair is not recommended because their rejections are very frequent. When cartilage from the ear is used, there are no obvious sequelae at the site of the shot. The scar is hidden in the furrow behind the ear and the socket is made of an area where the normal circumvolutions of the auricle do not change.

Who is the ideal candidate to undergo rhinoplasty?

The ideal candidates to undergo a rhinoplasty are those people who seek improvement, and not absolute perfection, in their appearance. If you have a good general state of health, have a psychological stability, and are realistic in your expectations, you will be a good candidate. Rhinoplasty will improve your appearance and self-confidence, but it will not make us look like someone else or treat us differently. So if you are looking for the best face lifts and the best nose jobs done then you may need a skilled center for it. Opt for the Thailand cosmetic surgery!

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