Check the Must-Haves and Have-Nots of Parenting Blogs

Posted by swapnil jukunte on April 1st, 2018

Have you just got the good news? Well, the current lot of would-be-parents in India are quite curious of the various techniques of parenting and hence, before they start off, they note down points well from various parenting blogs. Now, the question arises – what are those points which parenting blogs must have, and what are they missing out on. Also, there are certain myths associated with these blogs – debunking of those are very important.

Since you wish to know what those details are – scroll down and find for yourself, what makes a good parenting blog and what breaks it!! Also, don’t miss out the myths!

What should a parenting blog have?

  1. A correct set of techniques to help parents understand the strategy

A good parenting blog must include those techniques that help understand how a child behaves. The more parents understand children, the better they will bring up their kid. Hence, blogs of this standard are a must!

  1. A good blog must have logical theories

The relation between a child and his or her parent is equally unique and uncertain. One mistake could cost it, while one good step could cement it for a lifetime. How to deal with either of them and maintain the relation is a point that these blogs should have.

Every statement or argument must have a logical conclusion – an idea that parents can follow and imbibe in their children.

  1. Language – should have clarity

A very important point – the language must be clear. One may have no idea about certain aspects of parenting and for that person to understand these details, the language must be simple and concise.

These parenting blogs are guides – a suggested path that parents can follow.

Negative aspects of a parenting blog – points that you must avoid

As a parenting blog, its primary purpose is to provide newbie parents a guide or a roadmap to help them govern their children in a better manner. However, when a blog starts dictating the readers or negates the level of freedom that they deserve, it is time to discontinue reading that blog. It is this point that differentiates parenting blogs – good ones from the rest.

Hence, make sure that when you choose a blog, it should act as a suggestion and not the supreme contract.

Myths about parenting blogs:

  • Most of these blogs are random ones with no medical backup.
  • Parenting tips are mechanical – does not hold water in the long run.

The shocking part is that, both these myths about those blogs have no base and are simply figments of imagination. Parenting blogs, especially those published in the Indian domain, are backed by medical professionals and experienced individuals who understand demands of children.

Also, gone are the days when one could term parenting tips as merely technical. These tips are the accessories of current times when parents have much less time with their children due to external issues. These blogs, therefore, help to negate those loopholes and present ways to derive the best from the limited time.

Now that you are aware of these various aspects, make sure that the parenting blog that you choose has the positives, rather than the ‘not-so-acceptable’ points. Follow the guidelines there and help your kid grow up to be a sensible human being.

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