Soulworker: We Have To Re download all the Voice Packs Again?

Posted by Richard Betts on April 2nd, 2018

Hello everyone, as some of you may know the previous Japanese voice patch guide got taken down from Steam. Don't worry though we have found an easier way to actually "patch" the Japanese voice. Working with Steam and non-steam client on my end. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need to buy Soulworker Dzenai, you can turn to U4GM for help. We has cheap Soulworker Dzenai.

Original solution is to manually replace files in "datas" folder, but if not work, you need to create empty file and rename it as "patchdata.Live-Client", then put inside folder at same location with Launcher.exe. This is the original applying method that's more complex :o but Aware that if using this method, you need to temporary remove that empty file if has official update everytime, or it will cause error like "not enough disk space" in GF launcher.

Things that you will need:

Japanese Voice Files Google MEGA Mediafire
Let's get to it!
1. Navigate to your Soulworker datas folder.
2. Create a folder in the datas folder with any name other than datas or voice.
3. Put Japanese voice files into the created folder.
4. Launch the game and enjoy the Japanese voices.

How to remove:
1. Navigate to your Soulworker datas folder.
2. Remove or move the created folder out of datas folder.
3. Launch game.

Disclaimer: The used voice files aren't mine so don't praise me for these voice files.

I have no idea about that since these files aren't mine. I am working currently on moving new JP voices to the EU client or even change some sounds to custom ones. I can't guarantee anything though. If it stops working you can always just remove it and wait till we find a way or someone finds a way.

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