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Posted by nnkservicejaipur on April 2nd, 2018

Understand Working with REFRIGERATOR - NNK Service

Have you ever thought how the refrigerator functions? Connecting with the best LG Refrigerator Service center in Jaipur would help you get an idea about it.  Simply having a fridge at your place and using it is not enough, as by doing so, you might use it in an inappropriate way that may cause damages.

The refrigerator works on five basic components which play a vital role in the smooth function of the fridge. Here is a small theory that would help you know the function of your refrigerator.

  • Compressor

According to the Videocon refrigerator service center in Jaipur, the compressor holds the role of the heart in the refrigerator. The task of the compressor is proper circulation of the refrigerant in the system. It also helps in adding pressure to the warm element in the circuit which turns the refrigerator hot. Hence, if you are looking for a properly working refrigerator, make sure you have a good compressor.

  • Condenser

Has any of the Godrej refrigerator service center in Jaipur ever told you to clean the dusty part of the refrigerator? That part is nothing but the condenser. The condenser helps in converting the gaseous heat of the compressor into a liquid which gets removed automatically from the refrigerator. This compound of the refrigerator helps it in cooling down.

  • Evaporator

The LG refrigerator service center in Jaipur explain to their customers that an evaporator is a part of the refrigerator that is placed in the refrigerator. This is the prime part that makes your refrigerator go cold along with the items you have stored in it. The evaporator is the main element that builds a hygienic environment inside the refrigerator to keep your storing healthy for a long time.

  • Capillary tube

Have you ever seen a thin tube around the refrigerant? That is nothing but the capillary tube. According to its functions, it is also known as the expansion tubes. This thin tube comes with a tubing structure which is placed in the route from the refrigerant that is liquid to the capillary tube and from there to the environment that has low pressure in the evaporator.

  • Thermostat

This is a component that controls the process of cooling. It monitors the temperature in the refrigerator and other essential parts by turning the switch of the compressor off and on. When the sensor finds the refrigerator cool it turns the compressor off and vise versa.

Hence, these are the five compounds that hold a vital role in the functioning of the refrigerator.

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