List of things you should leave your dog if you go on vacation

Posted by eztalks on April 3rd, 2018

If you are going to go on vacation and you are going to leave your dog in charge with someone or, well, some acquaintance is going to stay at your house as "nanny" of your dog those days that you are away, it is very important that you leave everything in Order so you can go easy.

In addition to leaving the caretaker with a list of what your dog is allowed to do and what not, what you can and can not eat, as well as contact and emergency telephones, it is important that you also consider the basic objects you should have in case you need them while you leave.

Therefore, we give you some ideas of the things that your dog might need while you are on vacation so you can prepare them before leaving and do not miss anything.


A basic for your dog to feel as comfortable as in your own home. It is your safe and happy place.


Although your dog can get used to eating other dishes, there are dogs that are very routine and prefer to continue using their usual dishes.


It is also important that you leave some of your favorite toys so that it is not so much change and so that whoever takes care of him plays with him those days that you are not.


Indispensable. There are many owners who forget to leave their food or think that nothing happens if they are given anything else. A sudden change in diet can cause stomach upset your dog and can give you diarrhea, so better leave your usual food so that it is okay.

Supplements and / or medicines

Leave the medicines and also the exact indications of how you should take them. Make sure that whoever is taking care of him knows the correct technique to give them to your dog .


Now as a traditional mom, but it is better to leave the sweater (if your dog uses them) in case it is cold.

Necklace, strap and plate

The most important thing you should leave him. It is what will identify him in case (hopefully not) he will get lost. Also, if they are going to take it out that ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS go with all three things. Better safe than sorry.


If your dog is used to sleeping on a conveyor, you do crate training or transporter training with it, or if you use it to travel in the car, you should not forget to leave it with your caregivers.

Harness for the car

Similarly, if your dog is used to traveling by car with his harness, it is very important that you leave it to your caregivers to use it in case they get to go out with him by car.

If you realize that something is missing, do not panic, because all these items can be obtained in the PetNGo online store and, if you live in Mexico, they will get you directly to your home.

What other items do you consider indispensable for your dog? Tell us in the comments.

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