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Posted by eztalks on April 3rd, 2018

One of the things that can cause an owner more anguish is that, if you have two or more dogs at home, do not get along with each other.

Additionally, beyond being a source of concern, this situation can become dangerous if not handled correctly.

That is why it is so important to make an analysis of the things that may be favoring that your dogs are not living together properly, and also to do everything possible to improve this relationship.

Therefore, we share some tips that can help your dogs get along better little by little.

The importance of neutral territory

A rule of thumb is that you should never present yourself to dogs in your home, or in your garden, or in your backyard. It is preferable to choose a neutral territory: it can be a nearby park or even on the street a few blocks from your house, so you will prevent anyone from becoming defensive and wanting to protect their territory.

The wonderful effects of walking

As we often mentioned, the ride has a wonderful effect on dogs, both physically and mentally, so if you take a long walk all together (already like the new pack they are), it will be much easier to integrate dogs, they will start thinking about them like a pack. It is important that the walks are done daily, as this helps the dogs release the excess energy that can lead to fights.

Together but not mixed

If your dogs do not get along very well, it is important that you keep the common space free of toys, that everyone has their own bed and their own plate of food and water (and that they are separated from each other). Be careful when you give them prizes or anything to eat, because they can also compete for these. This is important to avoid rivalries that can end in fights.

Constant supervision

It is essential that you learn to read the body language of your dogs, because this can give you an idea of ​​if a fight is going to start. As far as possible, watch them, without being stressed by it, but with an eye of supervision. Consider also implementing crate training or transporter training while you are not at home, because this way you ensure that there is no disagreement while you are not.

Beware of scolding and punishments

Remember that violence generates violence, so do not resort to shouting, punishment and much less beatings to correct your dogs. Applying the technique of positive training is very important so that you can channel the negative behaviors of your dogs in a respectful and much more effective way.

If you feel that the problem is over, ask for professional help

There is nothing wrong with asking for help if you feel that the problem has gotten out of control. If so, we recommend consulting a canine ethologist (which is not the same as a trainer) to help you improve the relationship between your dogs and avoid an unpleasant situation for your family. Do you have several dogs? How did you manage to get along?

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