Easter 2018 Holiday Event - Runescape

Posted by maying on April 3rd, 2018

Eggstra! Eggstra! Read all about it! It getting this year's Easter event. Rabbits, chocolate, and eggs. Plus there are some changes getting fabricated to ahead the griefing of Ironman and aswell to ahead them from abusing adapted advance mechanics. This is the link of cheapRs Gold.


[29/03/18] - Hotfix: The adjournment that was added if closing doors aural Castle Wars has been acclimatized slightly. Players should now be able to abutting doors accurately if consistently beat them, admitting there is a slight adjournment to ahead them from getting afresh shut.

[29/03/18] - Hotfix: A bulletin announcement the numbers of confined aloof now appears if appliance the bar dispenser aural the Blast Furnace. The acquaintance you would commonly acquire is now accustomed already this bulletin is closed, rather than if the confined are withdrawn. This bureau that the Goldsmith gauntlets can already afresh be switched on the bulletin box to acquire the abounding acquaintance from Gold ore.

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Easter Event: 2018

Another year, accretion Easter on the border of disaster. Ever the eggsplorer, you should adventure south of Falador to arrangement the Easter Bunny to alpha this year's arise Easter event. Hatch a plan with Chocco to accouterment the eggciting crisis, and admonition kickstart amber assembly in time for Easter. This year's accident has it all. Eggstreme highs, eggsplosive lows, affluence of yolks to achieve you laugh, a hoppy ending, and erm, big eggs.

Corporeal Beast and God Wars Changes

The aloft angel is taken from endure week's newspost in which we explained the changes we'd like to make, as able as the accuracy for them.

In endure week's newspost we arise our ambition to apparatus some changes to the Corp cave, and the God Wars Dungeon bang-up rooms. The changes are unpolled, because we acquire they're basic to ahead the targeted griefing of Ironmen, and aswell to ahead Ironmen from abusing Adapted attacks performed by added accounts. We arise the changes afore implementing them to ensure that your choir would be heard, and we could act on acknowledgment we were provided with. Initially we proposed that the change to the Corp cavern be fabricated for Ironmen of the activity akin of 50 and over. There were apropos that this wouldn't avert griefing because it's too calmly attainable and so wouldn't boldness the issue. With this in apperception we've autonomous to access the activity akin adapted to access the cave. There were aswell apropos that by accurate this change we'd be ambience a antecedent of accouterment to Ironmen. There was aswell a delusion that there would be two caves visible, which would backbite from the captivation of the game. This isn't the case, as it'll abide to arise as admitting there was alone one cave, and you'll access the cavern accordant to your anniversary cachet and level. We do acquire these changes are all-important to Ironman mode, both to ensure the amusement of Ironmen, but aswell to bottle the backbreaking attributes of the gameplay by ensuring that interactions with added accounts can't be misused.

Corporeal Beast Cave

When entering the cave, Ironmen with a activity akin of 90 or college will be taken to an Ironman-only cave. Ironmen below the activity akin of 90 will be taken to the aforementioned cavern as added approved players. This is to ahead low-level Ironman accounts getting fabricated alone for the purpose of griefing Ironmen in this new cave. It does beggarly that any Ironmen with a activity akin of 90 or college will no best be able to access the aforementioned cavern as added approved players, about all added cavern functionality (such as teleports) charcoal the same.

God Wars Dungeon

The administration aural the God Wars Dungeon will now displace if the allowance becomes empty. This bureau that afterwards any players in the room, and provided the bang-up had taken damage, the bang-up will displace and spawn afresh at the accustomed respawn rate.

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