What You Should Consider For a New Receptionist Waiting Room

Posted by devs harma on April 3rd, 2018

For the best reception area possible, follow these interior design tips to set up the best experience possible for your clients/, patients, or customers.

Firstly, consider how much space you desire for your receptionist area. Count how many clients on average enter your office, as well as how many will be waiting in the waiting area at any given time. For all the people that wait around by the receptionist’s area, you need to be sure that everybody has enough space so that nobody feels uncomfortable. At the same time, you would like to have your reception area “future-proofed”. If you are expecting your business to grow, then perhaps consider a room that is slightly larger than what you currently need, so that it can accommodate more people as you generate more business.
Be sure that you have enough chairs for all your clients to sit in as they wait. Once again, it is important to consider how many clients will be waiting at a time each day. The chairs that clients should be sitting in must be comfortable and cushiony, so that these clients can feel at ease as they eagerly wait to see who they need to. No patients should have to stand as they wait. By the same token, there should not be too many chairs in the room either; otherwise they occupy so much space for serving very little purpose.  
Seating arrangements need to be practical. Chairs have to not only look attractive, but give clients comfort as they are seated. The chairs also need to be easy to clean, as chairs that are stained will turn clients off.  
A room full of empty seats will give visitors the impression that your business is faltering. Hire the best interior design companies in UAE so that they can discuss a great floor plan for your reception area.
Desk Area
A good receptionist room is anchored with a noticeable desk or table. This is where your receptionist should work, so that he or she can greet incoming clients. This with both give the room a crucial focal point as well as draw attention to a person that can help them get what they need as they enter the room. A receptionist’s desk should be neat and tidy to leave a good first impression on your business’s professionalism. A desk full of clutter will not only be an unpromising sign for clients, but it will not effectively draw attention from clients in the right ways.
The best interior design companies in UAE can tell you that color plays a vital role in any office’s reception area. Consider neutral colors to make up your room’s color scheme, and opt to go with a light tan color for your walls. While white can be invigorating and bright, it can easily show dirt and stains in the room, in addition to feeling very stark. To add more color to the room, you can add different colored décor, such as wall sconces, artwork, and other decorations.  
Décor helps to ease the tension of clients. You can consider extra features in your reception area, such as TV monitors, plants, or aquariums for sensations of nature and/or movement that clients can pay attention to as time passes. These features can also help your reception area look more upscale.

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