Webroot: The Steering Wheel of Internet Security

Posted by Sophiasmith90 on April 4th, 2018

Over the past few decades, the internet has become a platform that connects different corners of the world easily. With the advancement in the knowledge of internet, more and more users are being connected to this globalized virtual platform. And with these spreading branches, the threats are also increasing, both in number and intensity. Online threats are the most tedious of all and can make the PC vulnerable within a span of few seconds.

What are The Online Threats That Can Harm the OS or the PC Itself?

Online threats can be in the form of certain websites that are developed by hackers or even in the form of hidden codes. In the way, the malicious virus or malware gets an access to the PC and causes the intended damage. There are many online viruses, which now are undetectable and can confuse the users regarding their presence.

1. Adware or the appearance of unwanted ads
2. Trojan virus
3. Worms
4. Phishing codes
5. Spywares
6. Rogue security software
7. Rootkit virus

What is The Remedy to Secure The PC and The Valuable, Stored Information?

Due to the increasing threats and dangers from the online malware, many cyber-security companies came up with the solution of developing internet security programs. These are software that can prevent the entry of malware from the internet and also destroy the present threats.

One such cyber-security company has marked the beginning of a new cyber era. Webroot is an American Company that has managed to steer the platform of internet security to a different and more advanced direction.

Why is Webroot a Landmark in The Cyber-Security World?

While choosing the best internet security software, no one would like to compromise the safety of his or her OS and other information. Hackers are widespread and all they need is a small loophole in the security system of the users. This is why internet security is important and the American private company has looked after the fact in a well-thought manner.

The reasons why Webroot has proven to be the best internet security provider are:

• Sometimes, some malicious codes can pass through the antivirus and affect the computer. This, however, is taken care of by the Webroot internet security software. It offers a multilayer protection that prevents the entry of any sort of online threats.

• This antivirus plan can be used independently or along with any other existing protection scheme on the PC.

• The scanning time is around six seconds since its installation and hence provides relief to the users by its automated scanning feature.

• Webroot internet security service can be used from a single web portal by five different devices, be it PCs, tablets or even mobile phone. Its coverage area is more than what one can expect from an internet security plan.

• Its high and efficient performance is ensured by the cloud-based detection mechanism.

The 6-layer scanning feature and the detailed analyzing feature of the Webroot internet security software has made it in the list of top security provider applications. Being the first company to establish internet security, Webroot certainly has changed the entire scenario of online threats lurking in the air.

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