Different Cheating Techniques in Poker Game

Posted by dewapokerku on April 4th, 2018

Cheating in poker is a behavior exhibited by the players for gaining some unfair advantage in the Game. Dewa Poker Asia cheaters in order to turn the game in their favor undertake various unfair means, which are against the rules of the game. Every year casinos need to bear huge loss because of these poker cheaters. Here in this article, we have discussed in detail some of the random and expertise methods cheating, which are used by the players while playing poker. This article is extremely helpful for the casino owners, as they can learn about the cheating methods and then can efficiently stop them in their casino. 

Players who are expert in Cheating have found a number of Cheat Methods that are used in Poker 
There are numerous ways of cheating in poker; some are expert methods while some are random methods. Some of the frequently used random methods of cheating are avoiding house fees, peeking in to other player’s cards and shorting the pot. Other then this some other cheating methods, which are frequently, are:

Collusion is a very commonly used cheating method in poker game. In collusion, two or more players form a group to dominate the poker table; they revel their cards to one another and form a team. Collusion requires strong social networking and understanding. 

Sleight of Hand
"The Hand is Faster Than the Eye" Magicians have the ability to attract the attention of children as well as young people, use this phrase. Earlier this technique was limited to magicians only but now poker players have also learned this trick and use this to cheat while playing poker and win huge amount from their rival. 

Sleight of hand trick requires years of practice and hard work for becoming expert in it. Although its an extremely difficult technique to learn, but once a player gain expertise in it he becomes very dangerous and can very easily take up all your money in front of your eyes. Sleight of hand is considered as the most dangerous poker cheating method. Unlike Sleight of hand, no other method is as dangerous as Sleight of hand for your bankroll. 

Players who practice sleight of hand generally hold their cards in a different and unique manner; this way of griping the cards is known as the Mechanics Grip. Reason behind using Mechanics Grip is to conceal the deck of cards in the perpetrator’s hand while they are dealing the cards. This is also the base of other poker cheats such as the card peek, bottom deal, false shuffling and many more.

Other Methods of Cheating at Poker 
Other then sleight of hand, there are various other cheating techniques. These cheating techniques are not limited to only poker games played in brick and mortal casino but are also found in online poker games as well. Some of these are preparing the deck, marking cards, ling, hand misrepresentation and many more. 

Protection from Poker Cheaters 
Although there are various expertise way6s of cheating in poker game, but still there is nothing to worry about because poker cheat protection is here; There are various ways by which you can protect yourself from getting cheated in the poker game (whether online or live ). Some of the protection measures are not playing with or closely watching strangers, cutting the deck before the deal, swapping your playing decks regularly and by knowing various cheating methods used by poker cheaters. 

Now if we talk about online dewa poker games then customer support is your top most helper. If you find any doubtful activity during the game then without any hesitation immediately report about it by sending an email to them.


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