5 Tips To Planning A Memorable Party Event In A Short Time Period

Posted by Sakura Events on April 5th, 2018

It is wonderful that you have some good reason to celebrate with your family, friends or colleagues. But throwing a party within a short time period can be a daunting task. If you are busy, you can always call up a party event management company to make the necessary arrangements.

To make your life easier, here are 5 tips for planning a memorable party event in a short period.

1. To do list

Create a quick to do list of all the things that you need to do for the party. Food, drinks, music, decor etc. If you do not have the time to arrange all these things, just share your party concept with the event management services company and they will take care of the party event, the way you want it.

  1. Decor

Is it a kid’s party or a party for grown-ups? The décor of the party venue needs to match the likes of its target audience. Also, do you have enough space at your place to accommodate the guests or do you need an outdoor venue? Talk to a party event management company and they will use their contacts to help you find a venue quickly and that too within your budget.

Another advantage of hiring an event management services firm is that they can arrange the props and decorations easily. You do not need to go searching for the right décor or wait for online orders which may or may not come on time. Also, why buy all the party décor when you can get it on rent for the required time.

  1. Food

No party is complete without food. If you are planning an impromptu party for a wedding then you have to be extra careful. Mostly, guests at wedding events critique the food arrangements. Why take a risk here? Contact a wedding event management service such as Sakura events and they will note down all your specific food requirements. They will arrange the catering accordingly.

4.  Music

Most of the parties need some sort of music arrangement. If it is a small do, you can play a compilation of the music in your personal music system that your target audience will enjoy. You can also ring up friends to get a last minute DJ. Otherwise, if you want grand arrangements such as a live entertainment show, an orchestra or a celebrity singer then a party event company will be able to help you.

  1. Guest Management

If you are throwing a party, you will want to enjoy it too. On the day of the party, you would have managed to arrange all the food, music etc. etc. But you need to take care of the guests too. If your party is for a few guests who are really close to you then you need not worry. But if you have a huge guest list then you definitely need an event manager to take care of all the arrangements. The party event management company will assign the party management tasks including taking care of guests by trained hospitality professionals.


Memories are created when things go right at great parties. If you are busy or do not want to take up the stress of party planning on your own, why not trust a party event management company such as Sakura Events to be known as a host of memorable parties? To contact Sakura, call 022 60 50 7555.

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