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Posted by Alexzace on April 5th, 2018

Jewelry has always been an immortal piece of history; it probably came into existence as much as the existence of human race. You may deny this fact, but majorly if we see, even pre-historic men and women had worn jewelry when they used to live in jungles. Since that time, jewelry had been a part and parcel of mankind. Every generation bought different forms of jewelry and each one of them has provided a convenient mode of wearing the jewelry piece.

Traditionally, men used to wear leaves on the body, then came clothing similarly they used to wear different forms of jewelry like necklaces made out of some rare stones found in the jungle. They also used leaves, the tooth of animals to adorn their bodies. Today, we see much of these items are still there but in the most refined manner. The jewelry has beads that existed earlier but they are fine-tuned, polished, colored and processed in a way that it doesn't lose its original sheen.

Some of the most popular amongst the jewelry are the Czech Victorian Jewelry, Egyptian revival jewelry, enameledjewelry and so on. The word, “Vintage Jewelry”, ideally takes you down to the refinement that includes workmanship and materials that is on par with the finest. With the beginning of 20th century, it bought around a lot of changes in the manner in which jewelry was perceived and was being used. Women used to adorn the jewelry that was made from precious and semi-precious stones and also the rare metals that helped them to flaunt their wealth.

Other varieties of jewelry include Venetian Foil Glass Beads, they are made available in wholesale and retail and they are basically made in Murano and Venice. Sometimes, this jewelry is also called as Murano glass jewelry. This is the place that is often visited by visitors around the world. People visit places but one thing they find most common here is the traditional jewelry. The jewelry has been in use for many centuries together, every generation has brought an utmost refinement in the way they wore the jewelry making it super comfortable for the wearer.

Venetian beads and Murano glass jewelry are one of the highest qualities in beads category, they are particularly imported by different nations. It’s rare, yes it's in demand, it can look great on any ensemble you wish to wear. The Eisenberg Rhinestone Earrings look classy and elegant, while Venetian beads are of the finest craftsmanship with gold work having silver foil beads or golden flakes wrapped in a clear glass. The glass core looks attractive, although they sometimes use tinted glass for the purpose. Metal oxides in it, generate the glass colors and they are delicate.

It's a century-old tradition of handcrafting that is still much in demand. They use lamp-work method to make beads jewelry. It looks a simple process, but the finest of things comes through an extensive process of heating the glass rods, giving it some shape wrapping it around the metals, etc.

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