Funny Gift Ideas For Men

Posted by bigsmall686 on April 5th, 2018

Funny gifts really do their job well, and that is making anyone giggle. By adding humour to anyone’s life, such gifts and the gift-giver find a special place in the recipient’s heart. In this article, we will explore several ideas of funny gifts for men, particularly funny gifts for boyfriend and for male friends. These gifts could be given as birthday gifts or any-other-occasion gifts.

It is seldom easy to find gifts for men that they would really love. To add to it, coming up with funny gift ideas requires a lot of creative or out-of-the-box thinking. Here are some truly funny gifts for your boyfriend and for your male friends –

Funny Gift Ideas ForBoyfriend

Remote Control Pillow / Cushion – A remote control, shaped like a pillow or cushion made of extremely soft and tactile fabric, this creative item works with most TVs, DVDs, and Satellite boxes on the basis of infra red LED technology.

Moustache Mug – Your boyfriend would surely find this mug funny as it puts a cute little moustache under one’s nose when one drinks his morning cup of tea or coffee. This gift would be funnier for somebody who would never grow a moustache.

Made with Love Sandwich Bags - These sandwich bags have kiss marks all over them to indicate that the food inside was prepared with love. You could make your boyfriend a really tasty sandwich and pack it in one of these bags so that while gifting the same to him, you could show that you care in a fun way, without actually ruining your lipstick.

Funny Gift Ideas For Male Friends

Really Fake Smoking Cigarettes –These are two fake cigarettes which puff fake smoke when blown into it. The amber at the front ends of the cigarettes gives an impression of that of burning cigarettes. This gift idea is a sure prank to play on friends, while also ensuring that they smoke without burning their lungs!

Nacho Chips Memo Pads – This is indeed a delicious smelling stationery gift for your friends. The memo pads are shaped like Nachos chips and they smell like the real stuff too! They are perfect to jot down notes on and come in a packet of Chips which adds to the realistic feel.

Box of Nothing - If your friends ever told you that they do not want any gifts from you, this year, then there can be no better gift for them than the Box of Nothing! Along with the box, comes a neat little roll of paper expressing your thoughtfulness. Your friends are bound to laugh once they find nothing in the box and once they read the text. This gift would be an ideal choice for April Fool’s Day.

Stress Buster Sausage – A perfect anger management solution to stressful times in your friends’ lives, this lightweight sausage shaped stress buster is made from durable rubber. It can be squeezed, twisted, stretched or punched, thus making the experience amusing and enjoyable.

Rs. 2000 designed Wallet – This wallet has two pockets to hold cards, and one main compartment to hold cash. The incredibly funny part lies in the design itself which makes money the brand name of the wallet.

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