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Leonidas Fresh Belgian Chocolates

Posted by williamsmith12 on April 7th, 2018

Leonidas Fresh Belgian Chocolates are fresh. No other brand pays as much attention to freshness as Leonidas. Most other brands of chocolate are compromised by the need for longevity. They tend to be pre-packaged and designed to spend time on the shelves of a supermarket or other store. This is true even of many prestigious brands. Not so with Leonidas: our chocolates are boxed on the day you purchase them. With longevity out of the equation, we can concentrate on the quality of our chocolates instead. We make no quality compromises! For example, Leonidas chocolates do not contain any vegetable fat: we choose to use 100% cocoa butter instead. We use fresh ingredients: fresh butter and cream in our butter creams set them apart from the rest and give them a unique flavour. Leonidas have also obtained an certification for quality, which is well over and above the necessary requirements for producing chocolate. Are you looking for quality favours for your wedding, dinner party or special occasion? Harrods is recalling certain date codes of Leonidas Chocolates. Only a small number of retailers are licensed to sell Leonidas chocolates, because of the strict requirements for careful storage and freshness. Our friendly staff is here to help, whether it's assisting you in selecting a special gourmet gift, or placing an order. Call us anytime toll-free at 0207 938 3159.

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