Medical Office Specialist - An Integral Part of Medical Practices

Posted by rbhomas on April 8th, 2018

A Medical office specialist is a job full of growth opportunities, it might even be the fastest growing job in the field of medical science. The job is challenging but will offer a handsome reward too. A medical specialist is needed in any hospital, medical clinic, nursing home, and any other healthcare establishment. Their authority and responsibility range from communication with patients to assisting technicians with medical equipment. To be precise, if you like to deal with people, are fascinated with the medical field, and have a good organizational and communication skills, you might have a bright future in the line of Medical Office Specialist.

As a job description, the work of a medical office specialist may delegate them with the following tasks-

•    Greeting patients and comforting the visitors

•    Keeping patient records. Timely updating and organizing those records

•    Schedule appointments

•    Prescription ordered and refill medicines

•    Handle the broadline phone number and the official Email

•    Regular Billing

•    Filling insurance forms

•    Directing and assisting the patients for lab tests

•    Transcribing recordings

•    Help Lab technicians with the regular equipment maintenance

It’s not important that a medical specialist perform all these tasks, they might do just a fraction of it or there may be multiple specialists delegated with each task.

To be employees as a full-fledged Medical office specialist you need to have some level of qualification. Many organizations are willing to pull a bachelor and master degree in this line of work. But to save years, you can pursue a 3-month course and you are eligible to apply as a medical office specialist. The minimum expected salary in this line of work is $ 22,930 and can get as high as $ 62,230 per year. Like in any job, your salary will vary according to your experience, qualification, your institution and value of your certificate or license etc.

The position might be the same but working for a hospital and for a clinic can be a totally different atmosphere. A hospital receives a high patient traffic. Hence, multiple medical office specialists are needed with each person responsible for one prime task. Working in a hospital is competitive and full of opportunities but you have to work hard to pursue them. In a hospital, one must know how to deal with emergencies, handle every aspect and control the situation till the doctor arrives. Hospitals provide the clock facility with a 7-day working schedule. It’s obvious they need receptions who can fill these odd working hours. They generally have a higher PayScale for employees working at night and on weekends.

On the other hand, working in a clinic is a completely different experience. A clinic is a much smaller unit and requires just one person. That one medical office specialist has to perform multiple tasks in hand and require a number of skills to cover up dynamic situations. They enjoy a normal office hour schedule, can go home by evening and enjoy offs on weekends. In some aspect, they might also serve as a personal assistant to the working doctor.

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