Hay for Sale: How You Save Money by Buying Hay (Instead of Growing Your Own)

Posted by John on April 8th, 2018

The traditional wisdom in many old farming communities is that cattle farmers grow their own hay. It might seem to make sense, too. After all, a farmer should be self-reliant, right? In some cases that might be true, but when it comes to acquiring hay to feed your livestock, you will probably find that the costs outweigh the savings. Besides all the equipment and supplies needed to grow hay, think of the toll that it takes on your soil, other tangible costs (like taxes), and time spent on tasks that don’t really add to your bottom line. When you stop to think about it, there are several ways buying hay is more economical than growing it yourself. Below are some of the main ways buying hay saves you money.

Save on Equipment and Supply Costs

This is perhaps the most obvious way that buying hay is more economical. Imagine if you didn’t need a tractor or other equipment for growing crops. Imagine if you didn’t have to pay for maintenance on that equipment, or worry about the cost of gasoline and oil. You get the picture. If you didn’t have to pay for seed and fertilizer for your hay crop, what could you put all that money toward. You will probably find that the cost of buying hay is much less than the cost of keeping all of the equipment and supplies needed to grow your own crop.

Pay Fewer Taxes

Remember that taxes are assessed on all the heavy equipment you buy and use. Aside from avoiding an accounting nightmare, you will also have less for the taxman to count come tax time. There are many established producers in Canada that have Hay for Sale, so take advantage of https://agbuysell.com/auction/feed/hay/ and see what’s available in your area.

Save Your Soil and Other Resources

When you think about growing your own hay and either selling or using it yourself, one thing you might not have considered is the price of the soil. Every crop you grow depletes the soil, so you have to take into consideration that cost. You will probably find that it costs more to enrich the soil and grow the crops than it costs to buy the hay. Also, growing the same hay crop year after year is a great way to end up with worthless soil. All the nutrients leaching out with each crop are hard to put a price on. On the other hand, if you allow your herd to forage in a fallow field, the cow patties can be a great natural fertilizer.

Free Up Your Time to Focus on What’s Important

What is your time worth? If your main business is selling and raising cattle, you determine your worth based on how much your cattle bring at market. Any activities not directly associated with raising a healthy herd are not going to contribute to your bottom line. Therefore, if you have more time to devote to cattle raising, you will save money in the long run. If you spend 20% growing hay, for instance, hay would have to over 20% of your overall revenue to make growing it worth your while. You will find that the costs of buying hay will be less than that percentage of revenue representing the amount of time you would spend. Therefore, even if you could save on equipment and resources, growing your own hay would cost you in lost time as well. Just think of how much more productive you could be (and how much more you could earn) if you instead spent that time focusing on your herd.

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