The Importance of Hiring a Real Estate Attorney Toronto

Posted by ainalaw on April 9th, 2018

For many people, getting the services of a lawyer seems to be an unwanted and huge expense especially when it is related to purchasing a property. This is because real estate transactions are simple; the properties are very well-defined and if there are any legal problems, they are handled by the property agents or the lending companies that have stake in the property. Nevertheless, there are certain real estate purchases that are best handled by a real estate attorney Toronto.

Why Consider the Services of a Real Estate Attorney?

Consulting a property lawyer prior to buying a property can help individuals in preventing problems with their purchase. It can also place them in a better position of dealing with problems should they arise at any stage of the property purchase. Considering the services of a property lawyer is extremely important for complicated matters where:

  • You feel that the terms of the agreement are not the same as the other agreements or statements of intent.
  • The property agreement features terms and conditions that cannot be clearly understood.
  • The agreement does not have all the terms and conditions agreed upon.
  • The property purchase involves certain conditions that need to be fulfilled between possessing and purchase.
  • The terms of the agreement are unenforceable or unfair.
  • The property has not been defined clearly in the agreement or appears to be different from what was previously discussed.
  • The property purchase involves different parties like builders, owners and developers.

Taking suggestions from a property attorney when going for property purchase can help you in figuring out the situation that you are getting yourself into. Lawyers are adept at recommending strategies and procedures for clearing up on misunderstandings and revising contracts so that all the parties and their roles are defined clearly.

Why Consider the Services of a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer?

In case of disputes in property purchase agreement, you might require the services of a real estate litigation lawyer. These disputes might on the terms of sale or virtually anything included in the agreement. Some of the most common reasons behind disputes in property agreements include:

  • The seller is not able to perform certain improvements or repairs.
  • The seller leaves behind large equipment or debris.
  • The seller does not vacate the property within the specified date.
  • Property is not the same as specified by the seller
  • Property or utilities tax no paid
  • Property or equipment included in the agreement missing.

Real estate litigation lawyers are also adept at handling cases pertaining to power of attorney Toronto.

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