Demystifying the Myths of Child Care Services in Washington

Posted by catrinelsmith on April 9th, 2018

Choosing your child’s childcare center or first pre-school is both an exciting and daunting prospect.

Research indicates that a high-quality preschool education can position children for academic success for years to come, but how does a parent know what to look for when it comes to selecting a child care services in Washington or on the eastside if you are a resident there?

Effective preschool programs share common elements that should be easily identifiable on even a brief introductory visit, says Stanford University education professor and early childhood education expert Deborah Stipek.

Preschool is not a mandatory grade, but it has long been popular with parents seeking more than just child care in the years before public school begins.
At first glance, a well-run preschool can look a lot like children playing, but even play offers lessons for preschoolers. Best preschools in Redmond have a clear and consistent routine. Experienced teachers of childcare services in Washington know that young children have short attention spans and that the best way to get students to concentrate longer is to give them the autonomy to choose their own activity or their own way of doing a group activity.

Best preschools in Redmond have a classroom that is well-organized, allowing teachers clear sight-lines when children are playing independently in a safe environment. School material should be age appropriate and must comprise of items that encourage children to play creatively. The classrooms and playgrounds should be clean and include child-proof safety measures.

A preschool program and child care services in Washington should also keep track of the development of individual children by structuring various programs that measure important developmental traits such as self-esteem, social, and cognitive development. High-quality schools offer children time to play and explore, have teachers who present activities that encourage thinking and problem solving. The atmosphere in a nurturing preschool is always comfortable with engaged teachers and children who show spontaneous signs of trusting their caregivers, like running up to them and hugging them. The teachers always come up with encouraging and motivating words of advice which the children can embrace throughout their life.

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