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Cash for a crash is a rising scam that is prevalent over the years and never seems to deteriorate in its increasing rate. It is estimated that around 30,000 fake car accidents and insurance claims take place in the UK every year. This is one of the most sophisticated forms of crime where many insurance company owners, lawyers and other big leads are a part of. The money incurred through this scam is mostly invested into larger illegal activities. The victims who are trapped in such scams mostly fail to present proof or witness supporting their innocence and are forced to pay a huge amount or face raised insurance rate. But you can save yourself from falling prey to accident scams by opting for smarter options such as dashboard cameras. Hence know how a dashboard camera will save you from 'cash for a crash’.

‘Cash for a crash’ is an accident scam where the planner deliberately creates a situation where the targeted person is forced to dash into the scammer’s car, after which the victim is blackmailed to pay a huge sum for the damage caused. The planners always target innocent people, single mothers, elderly people who would rather pay the money than investigating the situation. The most common technique of accident scam is the ‘scoop and squat’ method. Here the scammer overtakes the targeted person’s car and comes to a halt all of a sudden. Another car runs alongside the victim’s car stopping him from taking a turn. Now the victim has no other option but to collide against the bumper of the car in front.  In some cases, the scammers also set a person to play the witness’s role, thus making it harder for the victim to prove his innocence. This is where a dashboard camera comes into play and acts as a life saver.

A dashboard camera is specially designed to be mounted on the dashboard of a car, to capture the audio and video when you drive down a road. It can capture unusual behaviours of other drivers on the road.  It helps in providing evidence of drunken drivers and road rage incidents. It also acts as a strong hold when you are accused of an accident that was staged as in ‘cash for a crash’ scam. The footage can assist law enforcement to take the right decision is such cases and can bring out positive outcomes in unexpected situations. Thus, a dashboard camera is a necessary device to be installed in your car to save you from fraud scams.

About the Author:

Amrit Mirpuri was born in Manila, Philippines. He attended the University of Central Florida and gained a degree in Business Management.  He is presently the C.E.O. of L.A. Group of Companies based in the Philippines which consists of L.A. Car Accessories Store and L.A Window films.

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