How To Choose Sapphire Earrings According To Your Face Shape?

Posted by rajivpartap on April 10th, 2018

Sapphire earrings are a great addition to your wardrobe. No doubt there are many types of gemstones available, but if you are someone who is a lover of beauty, then choose sapphire earrings. They look stunning and suit every occasion.

Before choosing the sapphire style of earrings, make sure you consider your face shape. So, let’s discuss a few face shapes and see which type of earrings will look good on them.

Round Face

Also known as a babyface, such face type is wider at the cheekbones. It is better to choose an earring which draws the attention to your jawline and cheekbones. Appropriate style of earrings is sapphire oval earrings or long danglers. Remember, you should avoid wearing hoop earrings, as they make your appearance heavier.

Oval Face

Having an oval shape face means you have a narrow chin and wide forehead. The shape is considered to ideal, and almost every style looks best on them. You can try wearing genuine blue stud sapphire earrings in the daytime and choose long hangings for a night party. Such face type can also wear danglers or oversized earrings as well.

Square Face

Such face type has a strong jawline and wide forehead. Measurement of a square shaped face is same both horizontally and vertically. Wearing round or oversized earrings will look best. You can wear long sapphire earrings, chandelier sapphire earrings, or sapphire hoop earrings as well.

Diamond Face

The appearance of diamond faces shape is similar to oval faces. They have a round chin and wide cheekbones. Such face cut looks classy in every pair of earrings. If you have such face type, you can wear drop sapphire earrings, however, a simple pair of studs will also look perfect for any occasion.

Rectangle Face

Also known as oblong face shape, the prominent feature of such face type is the forehead. Long style earrings must be avoided as such earrings will make your face look elongated. Wearing a pair of small sapphire earrings in diamond or oval shape will look perfect.

You can easily find many stores online selling cheap sapphire earrings. So, choose wisely, keeping in mind your face shape.

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