Four key reasons why businesses prefer customized mouse pads

Posted by Vivek Singh on April 10th, 2018

    Be it a student or a working professional, anyone who works on a computer is dependent on a mouse pad. Unlike the old mechanical models that could roll on any rough surface, today’s optical and laser mice cannot function accurately without a mouse pad.
    Nowadays, a mouse pad plays an important role in the office workplace. Besides offering a smooth surface that optimizes the workflow, it provides a comfortable place for the user to rest his wrist while working for long hours.
    While every person with a computer uses a mouse pad, the number one users are corporate enterprises that buy it in bulk. Today, numerous companies opt for     promotional mouse pads with logo. These are custom made to blend in with other desk items like keyboard, mice, headphones and monitors that together give an     overall professional look to the workspace.
    Here are four major reasons why businesses opt for customized mouse pads India.

1) Better quality
    There are ample of ready-made mouse pads that all small and large companies can purchase for a dime a dozen. But they’re very well aware that such pads start wearing and tearing in a few weeks. These low quality-products sold at below-market prices are mere pointing devices that do not last for more than a month. Even if they do, there is no guarantee they will stop dirt or dust from disrupting the mouse.
    Instead, corporate enterprises opt for personalized mouse pads that boost productivity. From improving accuracy to protecting from dust and lint to increasing the smoothness and speed of the mouse, customized mouse pads India provide an enhanced experience to the users.

2) Affordable rates
    Maintaining and restocking the inventory is an expensive process for every corporate enterprise. It is an unavoidable task where companies with limited budget like to cut corners by choosing the cheapest option available. So, to cater to big as well as small companies, manufacturers now sell mouse pads in bulk at very low prices. The larger the quantity ordered, the cheaper the rates are. This way, such companies save precious money and time by ordering thousands of mouse pads that cost less and last for three to four years.

3) Availability of mouse mats
    There is a special group of buyers - gaming companies, graphics studios, automotive businesses, 3d and 2d artists and designers, users – that use customized mouse mats that can aid their costly hardware like gaming mice, mechanical keyboards and graphical tablets. Such mats have become popular as these are made of a tougher material that lasts longer, cover a larger area, provide a smoother surface and improve the overall workflow – all of this at very affordable prices.

    Even though today’s modern of businesses only require simple mouse pads for the basic point and click use of the mouse, they’re now following the lead of going for such mouse mats to provide their employees with the best product available.

4) Promotional purpose
    Personalized mouse pads offer corporate businesses a way to achieve mass outreach. Every big and small company now orders promotional mouse pads with logo and gifts it to their employees, visitors and clients at trade shows, exhibitions, office events, holidays and other occasions, to market their products and services to a newer audience.

    These mouse pads carry the brand logo with the same text and colour so that every time a user sits on the computer, he or she is reminded of the company.

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