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Posted by SEO TEAM on April 11th, 2018

The revolutionary development in the modern industry has introduced the world with advanced machinery and technology, which is benefiting a lot in fueling economic growth and allowing us to live at a level of comfort that is unprecedented. Nowadays, many industries like Oil and Gas, Bio-gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, use specific types of equipment, mechanical tools, that require minimal maintenance and service yet deliver the highest level of performance and efficiency. And among all, the most common industrial product used in numerous industries is Valve, which is used to regulate the amount of flow and to start or stop the flow of fluids, waste water, slurry material, abrasives and corrosive chemicals.

These industrial valves are primarily categorized into two types based on their design, that is, shaft design and diaphragm design. Although these industrial high-pressure valves are often used in a closed position, they start to open as soon as a certain level of pressurization has been reached. A spring is used in them, which presses down on the diaphragm or shaft and you can set this desired level of pressure yourself by adjusting the bolts. So when the inlet's pressure will reach this level, the liquid or gas, whichever is contained in the high pressure system get released. And to serve the various purposes of different industries, there are several types of industrial pressure relief valves currently available in the market in all forms of applications and conditions.

There are numerous companies like Tschuda, Schneider, Taurus, Groth, etc., which are leading manufacturer of instrumentation, high-quality safety relief valves, gauge valves, mini valves, ball valves, and pipeline valves. As there are so many valves available, it is recommended to exactly know which type you need based on the size, adjustments, and features you required. And interestingly, these valves are used in various parts of liquid and gas storage systems and are named depending on where they are installed and what function they perform like:

  • High-Pressure Valves: They protect a tank, pump, or segment of pipe from overpressure.

  • Bypass: Protect the pumps and storage systems for deadheading by allowing the flow to bypass any obstruction in the line.

  • Back Pressure Regulator: It retains the desired system pressure in an upstream line and enhances the pump's performance by providing pressure on discharge.

  • Anti-Siphon: They prevent the unwanted siphoning of chemicals through the pumps.

Although these types of industrial machinery break down very rarely because of the quality of parts that are used in their construction by renowned companies like Mercer Valve, still to improve the efficiency and to enhance the durability, timely repair and preventive maintenance services is extremely important. And for these services, one should always rely on expert's innovative automation and control solutions and comprehensive services.


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