6 simple tips for men on how to buy best perfumes and deodorant spray

Posted by mukesh on April 11th, 2018

The perfumes or deodorants you buy for yourself will precede you in a room and will also stay for a long time even when you leave the place. So don’t just opt for any scent bottles from the store.

Before buying any scents you have to go through all the basics. Every fragrance has the three different parts the top note, middle note, and the base note. The top note is very delicate which hits the nose immediately and it lasts between 15 mins to 2 hours. The middle note develops after the top note clears and it lasts for more than 5 hours. The base note is the last to develop after the top and middle notes. It is often considered to be the bolder note and can stay for a longer time on your skin.The base note can last for more than 10 hours it depends on the scent you buy. 

How to buy perfumes and deodorant spray?

These are some tips given below which will help you to buy best perfume and deodorants:

1.       You can walk around the perfume or deodorant store and smell the fragrance occasionally.

2.       Spray one scent on each of your wrists. Use the elbows if you want to try out another perfume or deodorant fragrance at a time.

3.       Refresh your mouth in between smelling each of the new scents.

4.       Always try to smell all of the notes of a perfume or deodorant scent as explained earlier.

5.       You should always note that the maximum amount of perfumes or deodorants scents to try out at a time is four.

6.       There are many men who own best perfumes and deodorants so you don’t have to get the perfect scent after the first try.

Once you buy the perfume or deodorant, first thing that comes to your mind is where to apply scent on the skin. Here are some tips which will guide you to apply perfumes and deodorants.
Where to apply perfumes and deodorant spray on your skin?

1.     Apply it near your heart
A nice rule of thumb is to apply your perfume or deodorant wherever you can feel a pulse. For instance, you can apply it on your wrists, sides of the neck, and near your heart. This will make the scent to spread and smell good when people will come close to you.

2.     Take it easy
Do not apply the scent many times on your skin. Keep it easy apply it twice a day whenever you want. Because if you are able to smell the scent consistently once you apply perfumes or deodorants, then you have applied it too much.

3.     Don’t clash scents
You don’t have to use different scents in a day for same occasions. This will not make people recognize you by the fragrance. By using different perfumes sometimes will also spread the fragrance which doesn’t smell good because of the mixture of several notes. Using one at a time is fine for you.

4.     Make the scents long-lasting
The men who have dry skin will have to apply the perfumes or deodorants more often, or until the fragrance get lighten. The one who is having the oily skin can hold scents for a longer time.

5.     Wear different scents for all seasons
Do not stick to same perfume or deodorant every time for all occasions. Depending on the environment for its fragrances, you can use delicate citrus scents for summers, and something which is a bit heavier during winters. So in this way you can buy perfumes or deodorants according to the seasons and try out new scents.

6.     When to wear perfumes and deodorants?
The scent which you applied in the morning doesn’t have the same impact until the evening. Light citrus fragrances are perfect for daytime activities. The scent which is musk based or has spicy notes can help you to rule in the evening.

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