Top Ten College Football Programs

Posted by NecoleHardison on April 12th, 2018

This list is put together with an eye toward the foundation of each college football program and not necessarily how well they've done in recent years. It takes into account coaches, recruiting, fans, and tradition. Here is the list of college football's top programs:

10. Notre Dame-

Sure, Notre Dame hasn't been a true contender for a while and can't win a bowl (let alone make it some years), but they are always a top ten college football program. Charlie Weis might not be a great college football coach but he is a great recruiter. This program has too many resources and too much national appeal not to be on here. Any number of top SEC college football programs could have been here but a coach would have an easier path to the national title here with lesser competition and more resources.

9. Penn State-

One of the biggest college football stadiums in the land and tons of fans are the reasons why they're on the list. If JoePa would just retire, they would have a shot at bigger things. They recruit the East Coast very well.

8. Oklahoma-

They can't win the big BCS games but Bob Stoops is a great coach, they have great support, and Texas is a great college recruiting ground right below them.

7. Tennessee-

While the state of Tennessee doesn't produce many great college football players, Neyland Stadium, the fans, and the talent they bring in keeps them near the top of the SEC. The Vols don't get a ton of respect because they can't win the big game but their SEC success automatically makes them a top college football program.

6. Michigan-

The state of Michigan doesn't have great recruiting depth but it produces some college football stars and Michigan's ability to recruit nationally makes it a great college football program despite some underacheiving. Rich Rodriguez should take this college football program up a slight notch to the elite level again soon.

5. Texas-

No disrespect to Mack Brown, but a monkey could land a top-25 recruiting class for the Longhorns. This is a great college football program because there is so much talent in the Longhorns' backyard every year and most of the kids want to go to Texas.

4. LSU-

LSU is a top college football program because of all the great kids they get from down south and because of their great fan support and passion for football.

3. Florida-

The Gators' backyard is loaded with great college football prospects and that's what always allows the state of Florida to have at least one top college football program by accident. Urban Meyer has made them an elite college football program with his ingenuity on offense and great recruiting.

2. Ohio State-

The state of Ohio is loaded with great college football prospects and OSU has it on lock. The Buckeyes lost two BCS title games recently but they could be back soon because they are a top college football program in a conference, the Big Ten, that is a bit down right now.

1. USC-

As long as the Reggie Bush allegations don't hurt Pete Carroll and the Trojans, they'll be a national title threat for a good ten years. USC is a top college football program because they can recruit any kid from any part of the country and on top of that they own California. This is one of the top college football programs the NCAA has seen in years.

But did they have to bend the rules to ascend to this spot? Did Ohio State do the same? Quite possibly. Then again, most top college programs do the same. Most of them don't get caught, however.

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