The Management Consulting Industry: Growth Of Consulting Services In India

Posted by John Spin on April 12th, 2018

Let's just start by saying consulting has a massive scope. If we shrink the current consulting market by 50% still people would know how to generate money out of it. As a potential business site, India is known for its massive demand for innovative business practices, making it an ideal place as a global consultancy market. The swift development and critical thinking might even exceed the global demand. The future for consultancy in India is all about startups and resilience. Based on what experts talk about the future various sectors in the Indian markets, it’s not wrong to say consultancy is going to win big in a long run.

As mentioned earlier the increased demand for consultancy in the domestic and foreign markets is rapidly growing. As every sector is undergoing colossal changes in their management styles and overall dealing methods. Hence, they need to take some implementation advice to facilitate these changes. The rising business opportunities due to booming economy alongside consultancy services will be a superpower for growth towards different Indian sectors. For starters, the overall market growth might experience a little setback as industries will undergo some dramatic changes. Also, the traditional management consultancy will stagnate and submerge into the scope of IT consultancy. As a bottom line the clients will demand more than verbal advice, some grounds of implementation will need to be covered. Clients might even expect for the consultancy firms to share risk to a certain extent as well.

The moment these changes kicks in, one thing will hold utmost importance in the consultancy market just to avoid chaos. And that’s sufficient distribution of existing knowledge throughout the company. This might be a cue to the large consulting firms as they might face structural ailments. Their ability to raise capital may fall and decision-making time might rise. Some private companies might even go public for lacking capital. The crisis for big companies might work as a boon to small consulting services. As they might gain specialization in certain scenarios. They can also connect with others to meet complex needs, which might bring their them to a medium company level on project bases.

The aftermath of change would be new companies trying their luck in consulting sector. Similar things have happened before, which ultimately let the independent business identify consultancy as an important thing. They will construct in-house consultancy-divisions.

Entries of sole practitioners and startups are expected. These new entries could be a double-edged sword for the market. As the new competition will flood the market it will result in constant acquisitions, mergers, and dissolutions. Since there are no legal bounds to who can claim to be a consultant, a huge quality problem will doom the clients. This may even damage not just the particular company but taint the whole industry as incompetent.

To recapitulate, management consulting in India will start off as a bright career and yield growth in the business sector. But if not regulated properly, local companies can turn this smooth road to a rocky path.

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