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Posted by amadison45 on April 13th, 2018

Various researchers show that there are a lot of diseases and other problems whose clear diagnosis is not possible. There were no such measures to diagnose various big diseases. Enzymology is that important branch of science that deals with the study of enzymes, structure of those enzymes and their kinetics and functions. This branch also deals with the relation of enzymes to one another.

The Direct Enzymatic HbA1c Assay is an enzymatic assay which is basically a liquid test kit. It makes it simpler to diagnose a particular disease. In this, the blood samples are subjected to extensive protease digestion. This process releases into amino acids inside the human body including glycated valines from the hemoglobin beta chains. This procedure depicts the results instantly. It uses a single channel test and reports %hba1c values directly. With so much advancement in medical science, there are a lot of procedures that have been simplified, and all the non-needed ones are eliminated.

People across the world have profited from the advancement of medical science. There were times when various diseases and conditions were not even diagnosed at all. When there is a particular disease that is growing up inside a human body, it can be diagnosed properly with apt blood samples. Blood samples are the best way to diagnose any disease that might be bothering any person. This procedure is extremely simple and useful in assay measurement. It produces the exact results as well. Therefore, the Direct Enzymatic hba1c Assay is highly recommended by doctors and practitioners all over the world for use in all the clinical laboratories.

For the measurement of any enzymatic activity in the body, enzyme assay methods are widely used. There are various other types of assays as well. These measures either the consumption of product over time or consumption of substrate. Enzyme catalyst reactions are studied using four types of experiments. These four experiments are as follows-

  • Initial rate experiments

  • Progress curve experiments

  • Transient kinetics experiments

  • Relaxation experiments

Also, enzymes assays can be broadly split into two sub-sections based on their sampling method.

One method is the method of continuous assays in which the assay gives a continuous reading of the ongoing activity, and on the other hand, there are discontinuous assays in which the samples are taken, and the reaction stopped. And then, the concentration of substrates or other products is determined and examined accordingly.


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