Health issues couples can have from an improper marriage

Posted by John Zeller on April 14th, 2018

Health issues couples can have from an improper marriage

There are many studies across the world that concluded that married couples live long and the mortality rate decreases for people in relationships. However, there is a flipside to the coin where it has been found by relationship counseling centers that unhealthy relationships can lead to a lot of health problems in life. The stress factor plays an important role in being healthy or unhealthy and this is where counselors can help the couples in keeping good relationships rather than arguing about everything. Both men and women find it difficult to cope with their health and the following are some of the problems that arise due to bad relationships.


It is the most likely health issue that stressed up couples would encounter. Whenever there is a fight or misunderstanding the level of stress increases and this gradually pushes the pair or someone in the pair to a depressed state. According to a counseling centre Burlington, the individual might not express the symptoms of depression until it’s too late. It is also found that there is a 25% greater chance of getting depression among unhappy couples when compared to happy couples.

Immune system disorders

Psychological imbalances can lead to a drastic change in the immune system functionality. If there is discord in marriage, then quality of life decreases and this show great affect on the immune system. As a result, people might experience health issues like rheumatoid arthritis, periodontal disease, etc. Therefore, try to approach counseling clinics as soon as possible to avoid such problems and make amends to marriage life.

Cardiovascular dysfunction

Repeated conflicts can cause a lot of increase in blood pressure as the person goes through many emotions like anger, sadness, agony, frustration, helplessness, etc. Moreover, it is found that blood pressure increases during sleep when the person sleeps after a conflict and it is really bad to the individual. If such adverse affects are identified it is suggested to approach relationship counseling centers rather than keeping calm about the cardiovascular conditions.

Work disability

This case is 98% true to women, who find themselves unable to do work after a serious conflict with the husband or lover. The reasons for this behavior in women are not known clearly to the counseling clinics and researchers; but, it is believed that men after a conflict do not mind working whereas women find it hard to work and their motivation seems to disappear.

Suicidal tendencies

Almost every person in the world would think of suicide at one point or the other in his/her life. But, when marriage goes wrong these tendencies increase dramatically. People who call themselves family must take care of such people and carefully observe them so that they do not attempt such things ever. Otherwise, suggest them to attend counseling that would help rebuild the relationships and attend with them to the sessions.

There are many other major health issues that one could encounter because of unhappy marriage. Find our address through health local or Canada-co websites.

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