Skil saw VS Harbor Freight Saw

Posted by MD SHARIFUL ISLAM on April 15th, 2018

Hey everybody Joe here with turf tech Channel looking going, Ruffy and Nikki just been doing some projects here. Building the like a little shed thing - and I wanted to do a quick comparison of the skill - saw circular, saw skill brand and then the drill master, the Harbor Freight cheap end circular shot. So, let's get down to it. Alright, so here's the Harbor Freight one, the drill master, I believe I paid $ 19 for this, and that was a couple months ago. So I don't have all the cool little stuff that it comes with. It did not come with a wrench like to adjust it, but it's got the height adjustment on the base and it's got the angle adjustment on the base right there and it's got. You know you can set up a gate, a stop on the side and you have one of those somewhere. This is this. Gillibrand miter saw reviews my wife just got that I'll put the price in.

I don't know what it is, I'm not supposed to know. It was supposed to be a present, but I'll find out I'll just go to their website and where she got it and anyway, a similar setup. It does come with a wrench actually wish. I had like a some of them had like the button or whatever you push that locks the shaft, so you can, you know, tighten it or loosen it, it doesn't have one of those. It says that if, if the shaft just spins, when you try and loosen the bolt just to hit it - and I did and it works so you can put the wrench on just kind of smack it and that work so anyway got these set up. And let's do some cutting one thing I wanted to show before I made the cut. I almost forgot, so this is the registration form for the skill saw and yeah.

I just think this is nuts you could become a citizen of some countries with less paperwork in this. You know to ask for the normal stuff. Your name address city street, address all that stuff apartment number email address it's in English and Spanish, and but then it's got all these other questions. You know the story, purchased it or the catalog and the website and how you're influenced by advertising. What brands you buy and how much you make and how much your wife makes and what she does and if you're a student you're a veteran and your mother's maiden name and let's see your shoe size and I'm just making some of those up. But anyway asked a ton of questions that, frankly, they don't need for a registration. I don't like that. I just got word that way. So anyway, let's make some cuts. Good all right skill saw skill saw first, first time I've used I've never used alright. That was actually very smooth.

I'M not actually going all the way through the kind of doing a zigzag pattern on this, and but that cut really nicely - and it is just the cheap blade that it came from the Harbor Freight saw - has a carbide tip plate that I bought at a hardware Store real hardware store, Harbor Freight, but anyway, so now, let's go to the other side we can do. The other side of the jig is exact, so give me a minute to set this up and we'll do the hard breaks off. Okay, let's try the drill master. Now, from harbor freight tools, as far as I got I'll, show you why so this saw, unfortunately, it only employ so I bought this saw, maybe four or five months ago.

I'Ve only used it a couple times and yesterday, like I said it has built a little storage area for some core tools and stuff. A little storage shed and I was cutting co2 by four and I hit a knot and the blade you know kind of kicked and it just stopped, and I thought the blade had just come loose that bolt had come loose. That was not the case at all. That the gearing or the drive mechanism, whatever it is, just broke, it did make a sound and a hit it kindly, and so this saw, unfortunately, I can't return it. It'S you know: it's gosh.

Let me know how many get four or five months old or something, but I've only used it probably four or five times, and so now we have to. We have to take it out and shoot it so anyway, just wanted to show you that in any time I post one of these videos about gosh like the little angel, grinder or the drill, or anything like that. I'Ll get. You know 500 people who will really spawn and say I have that exact drill.

I inherited from my grandfather and I used it to cut through whalebone, and you know the Arctic or some weird. You know whatever I used it to cut through steel and fire, and it still works great, maybe that's the case, but my experience was that I got about probably seven or eight cuts out of this and then the gearing broke, so I would not recommend buying It anyway, the skill one works. Fine I had one before I replaced the this was a replacement for a skilled brand saw that I'd had probably for close to twenty years anyway, so have a great day. Thanks for watching you

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