Become A Very Successful Student Become A Rank Holder

Posted by williamsmith12 on April 16th, 2018

Become A Very Successful Student Become A Rank Holder, you will have to stay disciplined and study hard throughout the year. Take part in class activities and do all of your homework on time, including reading assignments. Organize your study time, test yourself, and eliminate distractions that will reduce your productivity. Maintain a good attitude and always aim to earn the best grades possible.


1 Sit at the front of the class. Distractions from classmates sitting in front of you can make it very difficult to pay attention in class and keep up with lessons. Choose a seat at the front of the classroom, where you can listen attentively to everything that your teacher says. Being up front will also put you on your teacher’s radar, which will allow them to see you engaging with the lesson and may help you win you extra points with them.[1]


Being in front will also remove the temptation to pull out your phone, read something that isn’t pertinent to the class, or zone out. If you can't move to the front of the class, ask your classmates to let you focus and to not talk to you during class.


2 Take detailed notes. Absorb the most that you can during each lesson by taking notes in class. Instead of writing down every word your teacher says, listen attentively to pick up on the important details, such as names, dates, and places. Write short, simple sentences that include important keywords from the lesson.


For instance, "Franz Ferdinand (archduke of Austria) was assassinated on June 28, 1914."


3 Take part in class discussions. Speaking up in class is an excellent way to show that you are keeping up with the course work and thinking about the material thoughtfully. Bring up points and questions that relate directly to the specific lesson or module your class is covering that week. Mention other students’ ideas in a respectful way, either to agree or disagree, to show that you are fully engaged in the conversation.[3]


For example, say something like, "I agree with Andrea's point about global warming, and I think even more effort can be put into making a change."

Try to think of questions that will spark further discussion. For instance, "How do you think Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet might have been different if he had written the play in the age of social media?"

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