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A civilization is not built of bricks, steel and machinery, it is built with men, their quality and character” words said by Dr. Radhakrishnan. As we are moving on the path of modern educational system to develop well define and desired skilled workforce in demand, we are seeing these young generations are not having the desired or required moral/ethical values. In the society an educated people are immediately recognized by their good manners, decency, better behavior towards all and ethical conduct, while an uneducated person are immediately recognized by their conduct.

The modern educational system lacks the concept of human development and nation building process which automatically results in sharp decline of ethical values among new generation. At IIMT, University Meerut, best universities in Delhi NCR we are working hard to increase the ethical values, research aptitude and moral development in education system. There are several reasons that why we were not able to develop the students into perfect human beings.

Corruption is the major factor for such degradation in education like illegal and excess fee for admission and examination, fake degrees, faculty is not paid as per the norms, fraud in promotion, charging excess tuition fee from students, not having enough infrastructure for teaching, faculty members are not taking proper lectures etc. Teachers are the role model for the students; they spread the knowledge to help the students gain attitude, understanding, skills and moral values. The faculty members should take proper lectures and there should no absenteeism, there are the states where the problem of ghost teachers is prevailing.

Political interference is one of the most important causes for the declining ethical values in education system of India. The policy regarding recruitment, transfer and promotion and managing human resource is not clear due to which the role models are also not having the required moral values to be imparted to the incoming students. The new education system and its curriculum lacks in the contents for moral education. The values for the life are not taught to students at home due to nuclear families as well as not at school level.

Although value education is included in the primary education curriculum but at the adolescent or adult stage, which are the most sensitive stages to build the character of the youth, the curriculum finds no space to value education. The present education is going to build students to earn money or to have good job. At IIMT, University Meerut, best universities in Delhi NCR we are working hard to make the dream true as yoga, sanskrit, sports, personality development, hobby classes, various activity classes are part of the curriculum.

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