How to Cut Down on Shipping Costs for you and your Customers

Posted by Unlimited Exposure Online on April 16th, 2018

Hints how to cut down shipping cost for your customers

Cutting down on costs for the customer is a huge concern among so many eCommerce businesses. After all, customers seeking to order product online are required to pay shipping premiums, which is evidently not something they would have to do if they bought the same items in-person.

The question of how to lower shipping costs is a common query among eCommerce companies. There are some who might consider increasing prices to cover shipping however if that is not manageable, there are other things to look to that may help in cutting down costs.

Packaging is a big factor that many eCommerce companies look at when seeking to lower shipping costs. By reducing the weight and size of packaging, you may be able to lower shipping costs considerably over time. Think of the packaging that your eCommerce company uses. Is it bigger than needed for some items – it might be. Could you get away with a padded envelope instead of a box – maybe. Remember, shipping costs will always be dependent on size and weight. Cardboard boxes can get heavy, especially in terms of packaging. If there is any way to trim down weight, it could help save big.

In some cases, mail carriers may even be willing to give free packaging. In the United States, for example, many carriers including the USPS are willing to provide poly-mailers and boxes at no extra cost. Though they are specific to mail classes and size, some items may be able to fit into these containers. Don’t hesitate to contact your local mail carrier to inquire about what they might be able to provide for free. Beyond deciding between customized packaging or free packaging, some knowledge of types and sizes are still required. Measure products, consider if you can send multiples at the same time, and examine order histories. There may be overlooked areas that could potentially be elevating costs.

While evaluating the different methods of packaging modification and how that could impact shipping costs, be sure to keep in mind what reflection that might have on clients. Sometimes companies reduce packaging protection to lower shipping and end up with goods that don’t look as professional upon arrival. It ultimately comes down to where a company’s priorities are. Some eCommerce brands bank on affordability and inexpensive items, while others center their value on being premium and having great packaging. Thus, consider what the best way is to serve the customer. All in all, optimizing and re-designing packaging is a great way to help reduce some cost. It’s just a matter of knowing what the best looking packaging is and modifying selection in a way that does not directly impact consumer perceptions.

For more information on what packaging options may be at your disposal, contact your local shipping representative. They may be able to recommend different methods to lower costs. As eCommerce has continued to produce big sales numbers for brands far and wide, finding creative ways to minimize shipping costs continues to be a top priority even among the world’s biggest brands.

When deciding on packaging, be it for a new eCommerce company or one that has already been ongoing for an extended period of time, prioritizing sustainability and cost-effectiveness is changing the way many companies do business. As shipping costs hopefully come down in the years to come and packaging continues to change, there may be potentially additional ways to lower shipping costs!

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