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Posted by Maggie on April 17th, 2018

The bosses within the God Wars Dungeon will now reset when the room becomes empty. This means that without any players in the room, and provided the boss had taken damage, the boss will reset and spawn buy rs 07 gold again at the usual respawn rate.The Blast Furnace Bar Stock interface has been replaced with the new Make-all interface.

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A slight delay has been added when closing doors within Castle Wars.The warning which appears when attempting to dive without equipment on Fossil Island may now be toggled not to appear, and may be toggled back on again, by talking to Mairin.We've fixed a few map tiles to the south of Varrock which would force you to walk else should you attempt to walk on them.

Equipping an off-hand item whilst there is a two-handed item equipped, or when equipping a two-handed item with an off-hand item already equipped, the item being unequipped will now land in the inventory slot held by the now-equipped item. See the below example for more information.

Depending upon the results of the next limited releases, we’re aiming to open Mobile up to existing players soon after and leave it open to as many as of you as we can. This will mark the start of the true beta phase, we’ll be maintaining the live service on mobile and desktop through game updates. During this phase, we’ll be integrating some major features such as the login overhaul and continuously collecting feedback you, helping us iterate upon the mobile experience with the ultimate aim of reaching a release-ready experience.

Our intention is to operate the iOS beta the 13th April, with the cross-platform beta shortly after. We had initially intended for this beta release to be in March, but unfortunately there were issues we had to resolve which prevented us making this a reality. The beta will be larger in scale than the Android beta, final confirmation of the numbers involved will come when we send invitations.

A central resource containing all-things Mobile is well overdue. Before the iOS beta is made live we’ll be publishing a Mobile FAQ which will be accessible the OSRS homepage. This will be the home for all news Mobile.Following the iOS beta, if all goes well, we’re intending to operate a third limited beta across both Android and iOS platforms simultaneously. This beta is to primarily help us identify any operational issues with such a release, as this will of course become the standard process with future releases.

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